25 Beautiful Windows Style Ideas

Windows are very important areas of a building and are quite suitable for ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow through the house. The style of the window used also contributes to the beauty of the house and enhances the overall outlook of the entire building. Even without a well build window, the style used in dressing the window can also enhance its general outlook resulting into a window design with capability to control the inflow of light.

Colonial: The homes that are built on colonial style usually have two stories and have narrow eaves. There is likely to be a chimney in the center. As these style of homes are simple and mostly rectangular in their design,  the windows that will work with this style of home include the double hung windows having grids. This will help in creating an illusion of having multiple panes.

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Cape Cod:  Most of the homes styled on this style will have a one and a half floors. The chimney will be rather large and will be linked to fireplaces in each of the rooms.  The house will tend to have shutters along with dormers to provide ventilation. In such homes you can go with double hung windows, multi-paned windows so that they work with the overall style

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Tudor: Homes built on this style tend to have an old world look and you will find half timbering that looks decorative, roofs that are steeply pitched and cross gables that are prominent. With such houses you should go for tall and narrow windows. The styles that will work include casement, double hung and single hung style of windows.

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Victorian: Homes built on this architectural style will have porches with turned posts, decorative railing and eyebrow windows. They may also have steep roof pitches and towers. You can go with styles of windows that include double or single hung windows, bay windows etc.  The fact is this style of home will look good with all types of windows

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Prairie:   This style of building your home features a lot of open space and really strong horizontal lines. For this type of architecture you can go with picture windows, awning windows or the clerestory windows.

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Spanish: You will find this type of home having a lot of heavy wood trims, many arches and tiled roofs.  You can use grid pattern windows for homes built on this style. This will also help create the  illusion of multiple panes. Another way to go is with large arc windows for homes having this style of architecture

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Split Level:  These houses usually have a single story and the design is really simplistic. The design comprises of  gable roofs that are low pitched and deep set eaves. With these type of homes you should go with picture windows or windows that have a large sliding glass. It will work with the open feeling that this style of homes have.

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Contemporary: The architecture that we have today is quite varied and you will find it difficult to pinpoint any one set of aspects for this style. If the house has a large windows then you should go for awning windows, casement or picture windows. Smaller windows can have single or double hung windows.

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As you can see there is not single formula that you can apply for the type of window that you need to pick. This  will depend on the style that your home has. In case you are not too sure of the choices that you need to make, you may consult an expert . Some other ideas for Windows Designs are here:

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