25 Wall Paint Ideas to brighten your home

The secret to having a spectacular home lies greatly on the type and quality of colours used and the way the colours are balanced to achieve an even flow. Whether you prefer shiny colours with a glossy finish or just a simple and cool colour, it is the combination you use that leaves you with that bright home you can be proud of. These wall paint ideas to brighten your home will guide you in making the right choice on what best appeals to you.

Having your own house is great and can be liberating giving he ultimate peace of mind and freedom to design your home and interiors as you wish. It also liberates you from having to wonder of shifting due to the numerous issues that come with renting. It also signifies a rather large investment and everyone wants their new home to be just perfect as well. The ideal house should have a pleasant aura so as to have a happy household and contentment all around. It is well known as well that the wall paint in the house plays a crucial role in paving the way to a great looking house. Wall paint ideas to beautiful interiors are much important when it comes to having a great interior and also a house which could enchant its visitors as well.

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A good interior is necessary because as most would think that the outlook of a house impresses the most, the interior is of equal importance for those living in it. The wall paint goes a long way in deciding the mood of the residents while also having a command on how the rooms complement each other in terms of looks and beauty.

Considerations before Painting the House

Some important factors must be kept in mind before launching the work of painting the interior of the house. The rash decision without thinking could lead to a lot of problems and would ultimately lead to repainting.


The use of red colour as wall paint in the design below creates an environment that reflects love, romance and harmony in the room. The combination of the red wall colours with the white colors makes the whole room to radiate feelings of love and harmony. The features with red colours makes each segment of the room to display a perfect harnonization of red and white colours.


This classic grey wall paint colour looks spectacular with the blue paint that’s used along side it.  The classic grey paint and the peacock blue works quite harmoniously creating such a magnificent general outlook of the home. It’s important to try out paints on different surfaces first and confirm if it blends well before doing the actual painting. Grey paint is becoming a major preferance for use as wall paints as it pairs quite well with any other paint colour


When choosing wall paint for your room, its good to choose paints with colours that match just like in the design below. The white colours of ceiling board and doors pairs quite perfectly well with the orange wall paint. Use of matching paint colours can be very inspiring with ability to enhance the ambience of the room.


The type of wall paints used can either make your home look more brighter or dull and priority should be given to deciding on a colour scheme that improves the outlook of your home. The use of pure blue wall paint colour below blends perfectly well with the white hues. Some element of creativity is necessary in order to get the quality of outlook of wall paint colours that looks great.


  • The size of the house is important. Various colour paints are designed to imbibe the paint such that a small room may seem bigger and therefore a strong consideration is required on that aspect.
  • The purpose of the room is also important. Different paints accentuate different purposes and a wrong colour may just spoil the mood of the room.

Lighting methods in the room is very important. Light in the room strengthens the colour of the room and hence a strong colour with a strong light may destroy the ambience of the room and create disarray in the complementing nature of the rooms. Such a factor should be considered before endeavouring to paint a room.

The Ideal Choice for your Rooms

A good choice for the ideal wall paint is to make use of what design ideology you want to adapt. If a large house is in the offing, a variety of colours could be used whilst having a small house will limit the number of colour you should use.

It can be quite amazing how wall colours can be used to bring an old home with worn out wall paints back to life. The choice of the paint colour is equally important as it provides the designer with endless opportunities on how the paints can be applied to transform the house outlook. Use of soft colours like the one below has a way of making the room look bigger and cool.


Warm colours are said to be quite energetic and use of the colours as wall paint in a room inspires a feeling of energy and drive in the room. Blue and sky blue colours are known to be quite soothing with a healing effect just like the feeling one gets when staring at blue seas or the skies. The wall paint colours used in the design below blends perfectly well and by combining both the colours, the yellow and the blue colours in the room, the atmosphere in the room becomes an inspiring one.


Different colours have different effects in the room and the areas the paint is used. There are colours that are known to be stress reducing, energetic, inspiring and more. When selecting wall paint colours, it’s important to select exterior colours that inform your palette. Use of shades of red colour like in the design below can be symbolically used for love, romance and the choice of colour to pair it with should blend with it well just like in the design below.


The accessories used in the home also enhances the brightness of the wall paints just like in the design below where use of light green wall paint is enhanced by the green accessories in the room. The green cups, gown and the napkins enhances the green accent in the room.


  • White is often a good choice as not only does it make you feel refreshed to the core it also makes a small room feel larger than it is. Serenity is also personified by it.
  • A small room can also be camouflaged by having a dark colour that depicts depth in the walls. Blue is an ideal colour for the purpose and it also adds a sense of mystery.

The number of members can also play an important part in the wall paint you choose for the interiors as well. An ideal family of four can have a different colour for the master bedroom, same colour for each of the children’s bedrooms and a different scheme for the drawing room as well.

Furniture Accentuate Wall Paint Choices

The furniture in your house also goes a long way in helping out with the wall paint choice that you have to make. This is so because the furniture is at many times the significant item that covers the room and helps make a first impression as well.

Use of seating with matching wall paint colours can make a room to look quite inspiring. The beige and cream colours of the wall paint and the seating creates such a soothing and warm feeling in the room that’s energetic and elegant.


The best way to add life to the interiors is through painting your wall and the wall paint colour chosen should be one that blends well with the accessories in the room. Apart from choosing the perfect wall paint colour, its also good to acquire some painting skills and get to know the number of coats to use for bright colours and the dark colours.


Using colour red in your interior can be such a bold decision given the significance of the colour and its symbolism however when one pairs with cool color shades of wall paint like in the design below, it ends up looking quite unique and fascinating. The wall paint colours blends well with the colour of the seats and other effects in the room.


A mixture of cool and warm wall paint colours can have a very positive effect in the room especially when applied in the bedroom wall like the one below. The wall paint colour is mostly warm yellow which is paired perfectly well with the classic blue on both the ceiling and the windows. The white and yellow colour of the accessories in the room blends perfectly well with the wall paint colours creating such a warm and calming atmosphere in the room.


Use of neutral colours in any interior has away of harmonizing the brightess and glow of bright colours. The use of grey wall paint colour on other parts of the wall harmonises perfectly well with the purple and the bright green colours used on the features. The use of the plants in the room creates that perfect blend and elegance in the design.


  • A wooden furniture set is most common and goes well with a low lighting arrangement in addition to a light colour in the wall paint. It adds a sense of invitation to the room and an ambience that is very heartening.
  • Wrought iron furniture set accentuates a slightly bold colour choice in the wall paint of the room. The darkish colours can be employed in such a case to emphasize a sense of modernity and boldness. This setting can be well employed in the dining room.

Wall paint ideas to beautiful interiors can only be well implemented when the quality is not compromised on. This is an important fundamental to work on as such an enterprise represents a long term investment on the part of the house owner.

Final Views

What is easy to figure out in this case is that the wall paint in the house is a very important choice to make and often defines how people feel when they enter or visit the household. So, one must consider this case very carefully before making the wall paint choice for the interior.


Apart from the neutral colours use of golden range of wall paint colours can also add elegance to the room. The wall paint colours used in the design below looks magnificent with artwork and frames providing a contrast that nakes the whole wall paint used look crisp and inviting. The colour of the towels and the mirror adds a good blend to the theme.


Apart from cleaning the room and having great accesories that are well arranged in the room, painting the room is capable of transforming the entire appearance of the room making it more warm, calm and inspiring. The use of bright warm colours and cool colours like in the room below is a perfect demonstration of great artistic work. The wall paint colours used below blends well with the accesories in the room.


The wall paint colours used in the design below displays such a soothing interior scheme that harmoniously blends with the features in the room. The type of lighting used also enhances the general outlook of the room making the wall paint colours to pop brightly. The shades of black with the sky blue works perfectly well.


The best way to work out your creative side is to try it out in your home. Each room in the home is unique and require special attention when doing the interior work. The wall paint used should be something that you’re comfortable with. The wall paint colours used in the design below is one of those beutiful and eye-catching interior works. The mixture of the bright golden colours and the cool beige wall paint colours blends perfectly well with the seatings and the floor colours.


The wall paint pink colours paired with shades of white colours speaks for itself that this is a girl’s room with the features in the room blending perfectly well for a spectacular interior. Matching features in the room with the wall paint colours or floor colours works well to create harmony and elegance in the room.

22 Painting architectural features in the room also works well for creating harmony. The wall paint colours used in the design below like the yellow and blue are warm bright colours and having the same colours on the chairs and the seatings creates such an energetic and inspiring room making it suitable for learning purposes.


When designing your interior and painting your house, its important to create a pair colours that work harmoniously for the wall paints. Use of wall paint colours that contrast and are less harmonious is likely to create a mixed feeling in the room and can also make the room to appear more crowded even if the items within the room are few. One can try out the colours on a small portion of the wall to be sure that the colours can look great when applied.


Great colour combination often creates such an eclectic feeling in the room just like in the design below. The yellow wall paint colours blends well with the artistic designs on the wall with the white cues on the architecture,the seating and the floor creating such a magnificent blend making the entire design to look spectacular.


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