25 Beautiful Example Of Stone Bathtub

Stone bathtabs are quite unique and elegant, they have become the new trend of making the bathrooms more luxurious and comes with a number of options that one can choose from depending on the size and design of the bathroom. The stone bathtabs give the bathroom quite a classy and trendy look and are ideal for use as they can retain water temperature for a longer period of time unlike other bathtabs. You can get access to some beautiful examples of stone bathtabs here for a deeper understanding of stone bathtab.

Although it seems to be  a simple process, buying a stone bath is very tricky process as there are a huge variety of designs and brands that are available in market to choose from. But is it worth buying this expensive luxury for your bathroom?

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To answer this question of yours, today we have come up with this article describing the advantages and disadvantages of stone bath. It is advisable to go through this article if you are planning to have one for your bathroom.


There are definitely many advantages of the stone bath. By reading this, you may hardly be able to stay away from rushing out to buy one.

The Height of Luxury

A stone bath does not only add charm to one’s bathroom and provides a focal point that can amaze anyone using it with its beauty. Stone bath can build the basis of the interiors of a bathroom  and can complement every look of your bathroom, whether you have the one with a modern look or the one with the natural look.

Although you may find stone baths to be not that comfortable but the smooth touch that it gives to the body is hardly resistible.

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Being extremely strong and durable, stone baths are a beautiful piece of stone which is long lasting and won’t crack like a cheap acrylic bath might. The only damage that the stone bath can get is the slight change of colour with time. But this can also be avoided if you take a routine care of your bath.

Retain Heat

Stones have an inherent property of retaining heat, which would let your nice warm bath to last longer than other material as it does not allow the heat of the water to escape.

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Easy Repair

Although stone bath are not prone to damage easily, but you may inevitably discover a scratch on the surface of the stone. But then also, you do not have to worry a lot because repairing this scratch involves a simple process. You can opt for the simple tips on how to repair the stone bath , its regular cleaning and maintenance tips, from the web.

One should remember that it is necessary to maintain and clean every object to enhance its durability. Same is the case with stone bath.

Selecting the Design

As there are a huge variety of stone baths designs available in the market, it becomes a tough call to choose one from all. Still, the popular design comprises of an oval shaped bath whose depth allows you to slip right into and immerse completely in water.

Some other options are of square shaped bath, slipper shaped, boat-shaped and many more. All these can simply add unique and dazzling effect to your stunning bathroom.

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Every coin has two faces. Same is the case with stone bath. If it has advantages, then it has disadvantages as well. Some of them are described below:


Although stone bath are on the top of list of luxury items of a lavishing bathroom, they are expensive too. If you are one of those who are price-conscious then stone bath would not be your top choice.

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Extremely Heavy!

One has to know the fact that carrying a stone bath from one place to other or even shifting it a little takes much effort. This is because of the heaviness of the stone bath. So, it would be pretty difficult for you if your house is anywhere other than the ground floor.

Also it is necessary to be sure whether your upstairs bathroom has a floor strong enough to take the weight of the stone bath. Actually not only of the stone bath, but also of the increased weight when it gets filled with water with the person immersed in it. Obviously, you would not like the bath to come crashing your ceiling so, before putting a stone bath in an upstairs bathroom, make sure that it has  a reinforced floor.

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