20 Amazing Staircase Designs

There are different kinds of staircase designs that one may be interested in designing in the home;  however it is good to understand that for a well-fitted staircase that may enhance the overall outlook of your home, you need to understand the dynamics of your home and the kind of staircase that can best suit the place well. There are amazing staircase designs that have been shared in this article that you can check out for a better decision on what suits you well.

Iron balusters have become much sought after recently and this could be due to many reasons. Among the top of these reasons could be that they look great  and make a great contrast with the wooden base. Wood and iron is an intriguing combination that looks great. The polished wooden handrail looks even more gleaming when set on designed iron balusters. This increased popularity could also be attributed to the fact that they are easy to put in.

We give below some patterns in which iron balusters can be forged in:

  • One of the most commonly seen patterns is the simple twist. This can be either a single or double or could be elongated. You will find that most of the iron balusters are square in shape though some of them can also be round.
  • Another design that is also quite common is the basket. These can be either single as well as double baskets. Though they are called baskets they look more like cages. If you take a look at the basket baluster design, you will see that this also has a twist, in fact several twists. When you look at this design the one thing that you can make out is that baluster designs are made to work as a single design or a combination of two or more designs. It all boils down to what you like and what works with the décor of your home.
  • This particular baluster pattern is called knuckle with spoon. The knuckle is supposed to be the node that lies between the spoons. You will also see that some balusters have undulations in the design. This gives it a hand made look and adds to the aesthetic value.
  • This is a combination design that features the basket along with double spoons and the knuckles look really special and intricate. But a small word of warning do consider the cleaning and maintenance before you choose this design.
  • The belly baluster emulates a curve that is reminiscent of the swelling of a belly when a woman is pregnant. You can get these along with other design elements like swirls, baskets and twists. You will see the use of belly balusters in balcony railings.
  • Another combination is the belly that also has a basket. This may sound funny but looks really good.
  • The belly baluster also comes with a swirl and this can be seen more in balconies and looks really good.

We know that when it comes to staircases, one tends to look at the strength and durability of the staircase, the railings and the handrail rather than the look. But with iron balusters you can be assured of both. They look good in contrast with all that gleaming wood, come in many design choices, are easy to install and are really strong.

So look through the common choices available and if you feel that you want changes in terms of the designs , even this can be worked out.


Navigating from one floor to another becomes such an easy and effortless task with a well-designed staircase. The below staircase design meets both the dimensional and design requirements given the staircase has sufficient space in the floor openings that allow for efficient movement. The spiral kind of design also allows one to navigate without becoming overwhelmed as one does not get to see the end of the stairs to another floor which can be quite overwhelming.


The spiral staircase design below can be scaring when watching from the ground floor but it gets fun and exciting as you begin to climb the stairs as the spirals keep on twisting at every turn making the entire navigation exciting. The staircase is designed using metal and the space between one stair to another is closer making it easier to climb.


Well designed staircase has a way of making an ordinary home to look much more spectacular just like the staircase design below. The kind of grills and metals used in designing the staircase reinforces the assurance of security that one is likely to think of before starting off to climb the staircase. The colour used and the unique architecture used enhances the general overview of the home. The stairs are wide enough and can be easily used by two people coming from different directions.


The staircase design below is quite magnanimous and done with high level of expertise and architectural prowess. Climbing the staircase can be a breathtaking experience however the dynamics of how it connects to the various floors is something great to experience and can be exciting.


Comfort is one thing that most people look for when thinking of climbing a staircase. The staircase design is well designed and provides the comfort that most people may want whenever they are looking for designs to implement in their homes. It is good to incorporate features that make climbing the stairs effortless and fun like use of deco along the staircase for enhanced outlook and efficiency.


The staircase design below looks spectacular with the blend of the colours and the style of the designs used. The staircase is designed in quite a complex and fascinating way that makes navigating from one floor to another quite an effortless task as there are a lot of things to concentrate on as you climb the stairs.


The kind of design used in designing the staircase can in a great way enhance your personal style and general outlook of the home. The colour of the tiles and the design used in the staircase design below is quite unique and fabulous. There is that element of comfort when climbing the size of the stairs and the elegant architectural style demonstrated in the design.


The staircase design below is quite wide and comfortable to walk on with the side rails providing sufficient support even as you walk through the staircase. The fact that the staircase is surrounded with trees and other cool features makes the climbing comfortable as the attention goes to the features making the entire walk through the staircase exciting.


The spiral staircase design below is quite unique and done in such a stylish manner. The grills on the sides provide the protection in case one misses a step and the stairs are placed closer to each other for comfortable movement. When planning of fixing a staircase, it is important to consider the available space and if it is ideal for the staircase design you may want for your home. It can be inconveniencing fixing a staircase design that does not fit well in the kind of setting you want it for.


It is good to design your staircase in a way that blends well with the rest of your house. The staircase design below is quite elegant with different rail and tread styles made in a way that enables easy navigation. Staircases does not only link floors but also helps in defining your style. The staircase design below looks spectacular with great features that blend quite well.


The staircase design below defines how the space below the staircase can be utilised for other activities which also enhances the general outlook of the staircase. The staircase design looks more stable and comfortable walking on as you move to other floors.


Use of industrial metal and wood reinforces the kind of staircase you design making it quite sturdy with stability to last longer. The staircase design below looks spectacular and well reinforced industrial metal that makes the whole design comfortable walking on. Climbing such a staircase becomes more interesting as you advance to other floors as the various features and elements incorporated makes navigation fun and exciting.


The staircase design below is not just stylish and fascinating but also involves great innovative work. The metal grills incorporated in the design creates such an eye-catching centrepiece that draws attention to the place it is fixed and other features in the surrounding. The colour combination also works perfectly well creating such a fabulous design17

The staircase design below looks spectacular with the lighting arranged in such a way that enhances the general outlook of the staircase and acts as part of decor for the home. The golden colour of the staircase blends quite well with the wall colours and reflects with fascinating glow. The staircase design is a great piece of architectural work considering the standalone stairs and the spiral design used.


The staircase design below is well designed given the length of the stairs which is quite spacious and comfortable to walk through. The library fixed on the side of the staircase is part of the home decor and adds to the fabulous look of the staircase. The width of the stairs is large enough and provides space for relaxation as even chairs can be put on it and children allowed to play as it looks safe.


A beautifully designed staircase is capable of serving many purposes in the home. Apart from helping in navigating from one floor to another, it also acts as that stunning focal point to your deco. The beautiful staircase design below is a great demonstration of architectural prowess with unique style and a beautiful, glossy colour combination. The design works well for the home as it adds style and decor of the home.


The design of staircases has greatly evolved with a shift from the use of traditional materials to the modern ones which involves use of glass and other complex architectural materials in staircase design. The staircase design below looks spectacular with the use of glass adding to the beauty of the design. The colour used on the stairs also blends perfectly well with the colour of the wall and other features.


The features used alongside the staircase also add to the beauty of the design. Like in the staircase design below, the use of plants alongside the staircase is quite refreshing as it creates that general connection with nature. The materials used are quite stunning with the colours blending perfectly well.


When opting for a staircase design, it is advisable to look for designs that best fits your home and the space available. Some designs may look quite appealing and cool but may not be the perfect staircase for your home given the shape and other features that you have in the home. The staircase design below looks pretty cool with the unique woodwork creating such a masterpiece of architectural staircase design. The colour also enhances the quality and outlook of the entire staircase design making the whole area fabulous.


The staircase design below is one of those unique traditional straight staircases that are designed with durability in mind. The size of the wood used in the design looks quite heavy making the staircase sturdy and comfortable walking on. Designing a staircase require good planning and sufficient money to be able to accomplish the construction of quality staircase.


Colour has a way of transforming any setting and giving it such a cool and fascinating look. The staircase design below does not just look beautiful, it is a real work of creativity considering the kind of lighting used to enhance the staircase design and the colours that are well illuminated with the complex lighting design. The straight straircase has incorporated unique features and technological capabilities that gives it an outstanding look.


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