30 Mosaic Design Ideas

The use of tiles continues to evolve with many people even opting to use customized patterns  to print on their preferred kind of tiles. Tiles have a way of not only improving the overall outlook of the home but also raises the value of the home. There are creative ideas that can be utilised when fixing the mosaic tiles for a more appealing and eye-catching outlook. Take advantage of the below mosaic design ideas and get to transform your home into a luxurious and unique setting.

There are different characteristics of different tiles due to which their application has to be different. For instance, for tiling an area around showers, bathroom floors, back splashes and pool areas,  that remains wet or damp for most of the times, you have to pay attention towards the material and surface treatment for best results. But for a room with both damp and dry areas, different tiles are needed for different specifications.


While choosing a contractor, make sure that he has enough knowledge about the right kind of tiles for different conditions and ensure that he uses this knowledge while designing your house. In case you have to choose the tiles yourself, research on the tiles or ask the manufacturer or supplier before making the choice. Do not go for a tile you are unsure with.

Overall, there are three types of tiles mainly that you should consider while selecting for any place:

Non-vitreous: These are the tiles that absorb a higher level of water due to which water might slowly seep behind the walls and rot them. In some cases, there can be occurrence of dangerous mold and mildew. That is why non-vitreous tiles are not recommended for kitchen or bathroom, shower walls or other areas that remain wet for most of the times.

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 Semi-vitreous: These are the tiles that are less absorbent than non-vitreous tiles but still absorb some water. Such kind of tiles are recommended for the areas that are sometimes wet, like back splashes, but are not meant for showers or pools.

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Vitreous and non-porous: These are the tiles that are high density glazed mosaic tiles and are perfect for the areas that get wet frequently like showers, pool area and walls of kitchen and bathrooms that may be saturated with water. But these vitreous but non-porous tiles can be scratched easily.

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These days, a trend has grown to use the tiles with marble look on the walls that gives a complimentary tile choice for the floor. If you are searching for an alternative to marble for bathrooms, you can opt for Granite, one of the hardest stones used for mosaic tiles. People give a very nice feedback for honed mosaic granite tiles. But the choice is ultimately yours. But, if you are convinced with the look and colour of mosaic patterns that are made of semi-vitreous tiles, then you should also gain knowledge about the sealing techniques and the maintenance required to make it work.

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