25 Modern Kitchen Ideas and Planning Guide

Having a modern kitchen is the dream of most mothers, a place where they can express their creativity not only in cooking but also in the general layout and features in the kitchen. There are many ideas depending on one’s taste and interest that can be used to design a stylish and modern kitchen. From the type of kitchen top tiles used to the fixing of the kitchen sink and other features, you can take advantage of the modern kitchen ideas and planning guide insights expressed below for a stylish and modern looking kitchen

The trend is to make a compact but stylish kitchen,that can fulfil all your requirements without making a mess for you to clean up. Although every person has a different perspective to design his/her dream kitchen, but still there are three basic factors that should be considered while designing your kitchen:

  • Lighting Arrangement
  • Storage facility
  • Installation of electrical appliances12


1. Selecting An Electrical Appliance: One should choose such an electrical appliance that covers the least area so that you can have maximum free space in your kitchen. There is a wide range of devices designed by the leading manufacturers such as microwaves, refrigerators, mixers, etc. that can get stored without covering much area. For example, you can utilize the space underneath the kitchen cabinets to fit microwave so that your counter space remains more spacious.


2. Wide Walls: The walls of your kitchen should be wide enough to accommodate the racks designed efficiently to store the pots used to prepare the foods. This can manage a lot of storage space in your kitchen.


3. Floor Tiles: The most popular design of tiles is to place them diagonally. But you can also select them according to your choice. As there is a large variety of tiles available in market, you can take the advice of your interior designer for choosing the most appropriate one.


4. Proper Use Of Centre Space: The best interior designers make maximum utilization of the centre space of the kitchen by incorporating an island in the middle of the kitchen. This is done to ease the work of person cooking in the kitchen because he gets access to each ingredient easily.


5.  Proper Lighting: The lighting in the kitchen should be proper so that the person cooking can see the colour and texture of the food easily. Also, Cabinet lights should be installed so that it can give ambience to the kitchen design and enhance the look of your kitchen.


6. Use of Corridors: Modern interior designers are smart enough to utilise every little space available. That is why, these days, a trend has grown to line up the cabinets and appliances on any side of the corridor. This gives a look of caboose type of kitchen.


7.  Enough Sunlight: One should install large windows in the kitchen for the entry of enough sunlight in the kitchen to make it look more spacious. Also, sunlight makes the proper illumination in the kitchen during daytime.


8.  Color Combination: The colour combination of the walls and cabinets of your kitchen takes the whole credit of the appearance of your kitchen. You can also opt for the same colour of the walls and the cabinets.


9. Apposite Furniture: One should think smartly while choosing the furniture for your kitchen. Go for those designs that occupy lesser space. Installing a drop table and furniture with narrow bottom is the perfect choice for your kitchen.


10.  Depth Of Counters: Depth of counters should always be considered. During the installation of counters, make sure that they have enough depth to be absolutely perfect for storing things.


The perfect idea while hiring any planner or designer is to check out the profile and do some research work  for getting a genuine feedback about the person. A genuine and a smart planner can not only enhance the beauty of your house but can also save your money and time. Check out some of these awesome Modern Kitchen Ideas below:















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