How To Hang Curtains & Drapes (With Picture Ideas)

It is one thing to invest in beautiful curtains and another to hang then in the kind of way that brings out the elegance and stylish aspects of the curtains. There are types of curtain designs that suits different rooms differently and having the appropriate curtain well hanged with other accompanying features in the right room can greatly transform the entire outlook of a room. The step by step outline below gives you ideas on how to hang curtains and amp, resulting into a stunning and well-organized room.

It will only take a few minutes of your time and by the time you are finished, you’ll know more about curtains than ever before.

Take Measurements

The first thing that you will want to do when you first start to hang new curtains is to take the proper measurements. See how long the curtains need to be, how wide they should be, and how long the curtain rod (or rods) should be. Once you have these measurements, you can move on to Step 2. However, you should check out the images below beforehand.

curtain-ideas-05 kitchen curtain ideas url

This is a good example of a finished set of curtains. What do you think?


These curtains have already been put up but as you can see, taking measurements was absolutely necessary. Without doing so, this person may have been in trouble.


This is another example of why it is important to take measurements on curtains.


Hang The Curtains

Once you’ve taken measurements (looking at the pictures above will show you how important this is due to all the different types of window sizes and shapes), it’s time to move on to Step 2 which is to hang the curtains. This isn’t a very hard process but it may require the help of a second person. It can get quite frustrating to hang curtains on your own especially if you have larger or longer windows. Once you have the curtains up, make adjustments as necessary. Once you are satisfied with them (and make sure they are properly aligned), you can move on to Step 3. However, check out these images first.

Look how good these finished curtains look. They are ready to be accessorized now.


Even the simplest of curtains can look good in the right room with the right work.

How To Hang Curtains

These curtains are ready to have adjustments made and accessories added.


Add Accessories/Make Adjustments

Once you’re happy with how the curtains look and you’ve made sure they fit properly, you can start making adjustments and adding accessories. Depending on your home, you may not even want to do this (or need to). That’s up to you to decide. If you aren’t sure, use the pictures below as a resource for deciding whether or not you want to complete Step 3.

If you don’t want to complete Step 3 then all you need to do is repeat Step 1 and 2 for other windows or doorways in your home. If you do complete Step 3, refer back to the pictures below for further inspiration or to make sure you’ve completed the process right.

Look how good the adjustments/accessories added to these curtains made them look.


The long rod and drapes added to these curtains give them a look like no other!


This is an example of curtains that haven’t had anything done to them but still look great!



So, there you have it. This concludes our quick tips list for hanging curtains. If you don’t know how to hang curtains, this list should be a good starting point for you. There are plenty of tutorials out there that will help you with various types of curtains and rods. While hanging curtains is a broad subject, these are the 3 main steps involved. As long as you measure the window (or area) first, find matching curtains and rods for that window (or area), and accessorize the final product as needed, you will be just fine. Now, what are you waiting for? Share this with your friends via social media and go check out more!

Still need more examples of what a finished curtain set should look like? Scroll down now!

These curtains may not look particular fantastic to you but they are hung correctly.


This is a good example of accesorizing curtains which we discuss in the actual list above.


These curtains are done correctly, stand out, and are accesorized as well as possible.


Notice how the two sets of curtains in this room blend in together? So did we!

Modern kitchen. 3D render

When you have a little extra room, sometimes you have to improvise or make corrections.

silk curtains 2

The curtains picture below are not only executed perfectly but they’ve been accessorized to the max. Take one look at the photo and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.


While these curtains have only been lightly accessorized, they still look great. That just goes to show you that you don’t always have to do this with curtains in all situations.


This is another example of a set of curtains that have been hung properly but look so good that they don’t need to be accessorized. The pattern on the curtains does them justice.

Crazy Curtains (11)

These curtains are a good example of why it’s always important to take your measurements first. How in the world could you know what you need if you don’t?



So, did these extra images help you? If so, let us know and we’ll start including them at the end of more of our lists. We just thought that it would be extremely helpful if we could find a way to give you more bang for your buck (even though our site is 100% free). Again, be sure to share this page with your friends and bookmark it so you can reference it later. Other than that, you should be good to go and ready to explore the rest of our website.




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