25 Creative Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

Kitchen sink is a very important feature in the kitchen and the place it is located can either enhance efficiency in the kitchen or make navigation through the kitchen while working on stuff like cooking to be more time consuming. Getting the right ideas on designing corner kitchen sink can be quite helpful given it is one of the places that is often used.  The first step should be to determine the type of sink you will be installing in your kitchen and the size and shape of the sink which should be considered depending on the overall space available in the kitchen. Below are some of the ideas you can make use of for a well designed corner kitchen sink.

The kitchen corner is a great location for the placement of a kitchen sink. This is because a corner will be out of the way from kitchen traffic, and also provides backward reaching space for holding utensils and other kitchen products. As a result, we’ve decided to create this list of great corner kitchen sink design ideas. Hopefully, what we’ve found will inspire you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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The Double Corner Stainless Steel Corner Sink


This unique design is a one of a kind high functioning stainless steel corner sink. This sink is surrounded by marble counter-top. For an extra stylish effect an antique sink facet in stainless steel was also installed.

The Hexagon Corner Kitchen Sink

corner-sink 4-Kitchen-Sinkz

This style of sink provides a modern twist for any kitchen. The hexagon style is unique because it provides a double sided sink for separate washing and rinsing of dishes. Choose the warm burgundy marble countertop installed in the picture above for a classy take on the contemporary kitchen.


The French Country Corner Sink


This elegantly styled corner kitchen sink provides a little bit of Parisian elegance to the modern kitchen sink. This beautiful white sink is the epitome of simplicity and the classic silver faucet and fixtures go perfectly with the theme. Along with the chic blue marble counter-top this French Country Corner Sink will bring a little bit of Europe into your home.


The Double Corner Kitchen Sink


This corner sink design is better used for those kitchens with more space. It involves installing two medium sized sinks on both sides of the corner nook. It would be a good idea to install a swerveable water faucet so that water can easily reach both sinks. The great thing about this corner sink design is that it allows for additional space in the corner to exist because of the angled placement of the two medium sized sinks.


The Modern Stainless Steel Design


This contemporary take on the corner kitchen sink is better for smaller kitchens. It involves installing an extremely deep but, not too wide stainless steel kitchen sink, along with a high spout water faucet. Finish it off with marbled counter-top and you have a classic corner kitchen sink that doesn’t sacrifice space.

The Wide Basin Corner Sink Design


The wide basin corner sink design offers a sleek finish to any kitchen design. This wide rectangular basin isn’t that deep but makes up for space through vertical length. The rich color of the metallic sink is perfectly complemented by the full colored marble counter-top. This style of sink also comes with a far right sided drain and would look great with a metallic faucet and fixtures.

The Deep Single Basin Metal Sink


This futuristic designed corner kitchen sink combines minimalism with a modern and highly functional design. On one side of this sink there is draining board that has slight sloping into the sink, as well as a smooth outward surface. The deep single basin of the sink boasts zero radius corners. The proximity of the sink to the connected draining board facilitates an efficient dish-washing process. It also provides quite the sight to look at!


The Round Bowl Double Sink


The round bowl double sink provides a unique design as well as dual sinks for separate washing and rinsing. Made from high quality stainless steel this style was installed with the counter-top. While other round bowl kitchen sinks come in to separate parts, others come connected together and include a faucet so that they can all be installed together.

The Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink



This uniquely designed sink throws away many typical sink conventions. In fact it has a large sink basin connected to a lower level side sink for easy rinsing. The design of this kitchen sink is very unique. This is because the side sink is way smaller than the washing sink, which logically makes sense considering that the dishes will be placed on the drying rack instead of remaining in the sink post-rinse.

The Zero Radius Sink



This sink style is the most innovative corner kitchen sink design around. It is called the “zero radius sink” because it only has square edges and absolutely no curves on the corners or side of the sink. Given the right angles, and flatness of this sink it is perfect for a corner space, and also comes with a companion dish draining board.

Choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your corner space can be a stressful process. That’s why we decided to make the decision a little easier for you. You have a lot of kitchen sink options to choose from including round double sinks, zero radius kitchen sinks, as well as varying types of the classic rectangular and square sink. Now get out there and design the corner kitchen sink of your dreams.

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