25 Bookshelf Designs that Inspire any Book Lover

Organising your library in a way that makes locating a book easy to find and retrieve can be a cool experience for book lovers. There are quite a wide variety of bookshelf designs to choose from and not all will make it easy to retrieve the kind of book you want when you actually want it. Arranging varied amount of books and making them easily retrievable is a tough task owing to the books pertaining to varied topics and interests. In order to make this task easy, a varied range of bookshelf designs could be employed. Having a well-designed bookshelf does not only make it easy to retrieve books but also inspires book lovers to read more books. Below are some bookshelf designs that inspire any book lover to read the books they love.

The bookshelves help in keeping the books organized, such that whenever a book is required, it can be easily found by its identity of author, topic or other factors. A varied number of bookshelf designs are available for choosing in the market and the task could be less daunting if a correct approach is taken on.

25 Bookshelf Designs For Decor Your Home

Need of a Bookshelf

The need of bookshelves is in the organization of various books into a set. Moreover, there’s also the possibility of segregation in terms of factors like authors, subjects and the like. Apart from this, there is also the more general motive of having a bookshelf just in order to have the occasional de-cluttering of books in the traditional household, but that can be said only for casual readers. The bookshelf design below is well designed with an appealing look given the space available for the books that makes it easy to check for the titles with less effort.


Having a well-designed bookshelf does not only make your home look orderly but gives you the urge to read books that you might otherwise not have read as the titles are not clearly displayed. The bookshelf design below looks spectacular with the books well arranged on the bookshelf which is spacious enough allowing the titles to appear clearly. The design is fitted to the wall making it consume very little space in the room.


The bookshelf design below looks quite attractive and stylish providing sufficient space for the books. The kind of style used to display the books is suitable as there’s sufficient space to turn around the books without making others fall out. The space occupied by the bookshelf is ideal as the wall is also utilized for display purposes.


The book tree design of the bookshelf below is quite elegant and stylish providing sufficient space for displaying the books. It’s also easy to arrange the books in a way that the books that have been read are placed in a different set from the ones yet to be read. Categories like favourites can also be grouped accordingly. The colour of the bookshelf blends perfectly well with the wall creating such a harmonious feel.


The bookshelf below looks quite stylish given its the same colour as the wall and the artwork and flowers placed alongside the books makes the entire design look spectacular for the home. The bookshelf design also has elements of creativity in its design with sufficient room to display the books.


The bookshelf design below looks simple and elegant. The bookshelf occupies quite a smaller space and well capable of displaying a number of books. The design also gives one the opportunity to use the letters one resonates with well while designing the bookshelf.


Aesthetic Need of Bookshelf Designs

Many would argue as to the importance of a bookshelf in the household. But what many forget to see is that even if there are no avid readers in the family, a bookshelf is never a useless item to have as it increases the aesthetic feel of the household. Some things that are to be taken into account for that particular work are stated below.

  • In a household, it’s used as storage of the occasional magazine and suddenly, it turns out to be great a idea. It thus helps in improving the sense of cleanliness in the household which is good and that is achieved by correct placement of the bookshelf in the house.
  • Quality is directly relevant to aesthetic appeal. Compromising on quality is not a wise option either as the bookshelf tends to be a buy for a longer period of time.


The bookshelf design below does not only serve as bookshelf but also as a television stand. It helps in utilizing the space effectively and meets two essential needs. It’s easy to browse through the book titles and get to sample one or two books even when one was not prepared to read since the books are quite easy to reach and visible most of the times.


The bookshelf design below is very classic with the theme blending well with that of the wall. The curvy design creates interest in part of the room where its placed with each set of the books having sufficient space where the books can be easily pulled without interfering with other books.


The colourful display of books in the bookshelf design  below creates such a harmonious blend with the grey colour of the wall and other features in the room. You can arrange your bookshelf in such a way that the colours of the books on display enhances the general outlook of the room just like in the design below.


Even without sufficient space, you can have a bookshelf that adds style to your room and enhances the entire outlook of other features just like in the design below. The bookshelf design below is very simple and occupies very small space while creating order by making it easy to locate a book if one is interested in reading.


The two identical bookshelves enhances the outlook of the fireplace and the board. The books colour arrangement blends well with the wall and other features in the room. The use of embellishments in front of the bookshelves like the stand and the chair also draws attention to the bookshelves and creates interest in the books.


Positional Considerations for Bookshelf Designs

A bookshelf may seem to be an easy thing to buy, but as most things turn out to be difficult later it is better to be sure about the design at first.

  • A vertically positioned bookshelf is an option for most, as the books are positioned sideways to each other. Retrieving a book tends to be easy without disturbing the whole lot.
  • An equal choice could be the horizontal type arrangement. Its better in terms of reading the title but retrieval is slightly problematic. Adjustable shelves are also available now.


The use of glass on the face of the bookshelf adds elegance to the design and also protects the book from getting dust just like in the design below. Alternating colour, sizes and orientation when displaying the books also adds visual appeal and creates interest in the viewers.


You can take advantage of unlikely spaces within the room like the space below the stairs just like in the bookshelf design below. The book arrangements in the bookshelf creates a harmonious appeal as the colours and sizes are well balanced all through the available spaces.


Create a stylish bookshelf by using the handmade stacked teacup design just like the one below as it reminds you of the benefit of reading just like loving tea. The use of different colours in each of the bookshelf stacked teacup design enhances the visual interest in the designs. The books are also not congested creating sufficient room for the books.


Material Choices to go for

It is equally important for the shelf is to have a material that is complementing with the need of the customer as well as the furniture of the household. A few choices are available based on that.

  • The ideal bookshelf is made of wood. Wood provides stability and strength but poor quality could lead to reduced life in addition to cracks appearing in the body, which is undesirable.
  • The usual second option is glass. Though fragility is high, it provides the advantage of visibility from outside of the books. Steel could also be used as an alternative.


The industrial corner pipe shelf is an idea that brings a magnificent feel in the room. It breaks the monotony of using wood as a bookshelf material and exposes the versatility of the design given the use of heavy iron piping and how the books are displayed on the bookshelf. The corner space is well utilised leaving sufficient space for other activities.


This unique bookshelf feature looks quite elegant and minimalist with the books well arranged and the orientation, colour and size provide such an appealing look. The colours of the books also blends perfectly well with the wall colours and that of the bookshelf.


The bookshelf design below is indeed one of its kind given the position it’s fixed and the style of book arrangement. The bookshelf has visually enhanced the entire outlook of the room and the exit door. The style of arrangement where different colours of the books are mixed all over the bookshelf also creates such an appealing visual outlook of the bookshelf. The book titles also appear clearly making it easy to pull a piece for reading.


Type of Use

The type of use mainly aims at segregating a bookshelf for an enthusiast or a casual reader. A variety of interesting additions could be made to the design and structure of the bookshelf.

  • The casual reader can opt for design over substance and as such glass and wood can be incorporated easily. Slanting arrangements are now available and they are for a more stylish outlook as well.
  • The enthusiast rather go for a more sturdy make in addition to a larger area in the shelf in order to accommodate more books at a time. The care of books is of outmost priority and as such a locking mechanism is also a must.


Whether you are an adept reader or a casual one, the style of book arrangement used on the bookshelf has the capability of igniting interest in reading. The below bookshelf design is quite simple and does not require any level of expertise to design. The books can be tossed easily on both sides for easy reading of the titles.


Use of bright colours and other accessories also create interest in the bookshelf making it look more appealing. The colour of the seating blends well with the colour of the bookshelf background making the whole setting look harmonious. The bookshelf spaces are arranged in an orderly way with the small ones concentrated in the middle as the large ones occupy the background making the entire setting look classic.


Finalizing the Selection

Once such considerations have been taken into account, the final selection should point to the ideal bookshelf for your household. But one has to take care in the approach and certain precautions are to be taken in order to seal the best deal.

  • Good quality of material  is a must in all cases and care for the same has to be taken.
  • Being a long term buy, even a slightly expensive option with better quality is not a bad deal.
  • Proper analysis of all considerations is a must before buying.
  • Comparing a large number of choices is generally preferred, as the best option may lie among them.


Breaking from the monotony of having wooden bookshelves aligned to the wall also creates interest in the bookshelf design. The mobile bookshelf design below looks beautiful as it can be pulled to any part of the room depending on where the reader wants to be as he/she samples the books. The style of arrangement with different sizes and colours arranged uniformly all through the bookshelf also makes the design worth emulating.


The bookshelf design below communicates that element of artistic work given the type of wood used which is in its raw and unpolished form. The different elements placed in the bookshelf like the photo frames and artworks makes the whole bookshelf design to look spectacular and quite eye-catching.


The artistic design of a piano and its casing for a bookshelf does not only reinforce that elegant and stylish look but communicates the homeowners love for musical notes. The colour theme blends perfectly well with the design making the whole place to look spectacular. Display of other features on the bookshelf also reinforces that element of diversity in the design.


The beautiful bookshelf design in the form of a light bulb does not only look stylish but communicates that element of creativity of the designer. Apart from displaying the books on the bookshelf, other features like artwork, musical instruments and others are fitted on the bookshelf creating sufficient room for the items as it also minimises use of other storage facilities within the room.


The red colour of the seating in the bookshelf design below makes the entire room look elegant and classic. The bookshelf design is simple with the crisscrossing wood designed in a beautiful way to support and hold the books well. The background colour of the walls creates a perfect harmony with the books and other features in the room making the bookshelf design look great.


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