10 Important Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom comes with great benefits that make the exercise worth venturing into. Apart from enhancing the visual appearance of the bathroom, successful bathroom renovation may also lead to an increase in resale value. The successful renovation can only take place if you have the right kind of ideas of ideas to implement in the renovation process for a more elegant outlook.

Look, if you want to buy a new set of towels and a matching shower curtain, that’s one thing. But if you truly are planning to take on a bathroom renovation, then you should know a few bare basics before you start. There are certain factors that could make the difference between a smoothly run project resulting in a gorgeous new bathroom, and big, complicated hassle ending up with a result a lot less satisfying than you’d imagined. Here are the ten most important things to consider before starting your bathroom remodeling project.

bathroom renovation ideas

1. Don’t start until you have all your materials.

It’s a bad idea to start ripping up the flooring before you pick out the new tile. What if you enthusiastically start prying up the old tile floor, make a big mess, get it down to the subflooring, and then, when you go to buy new tile you discover that you don’t like anything they have in stock in the right quantity. Special orders can take weeks for delivery and cause a lengthy delay in completing your renovation, and nothing is more stressful than a long, drawn-out remodeling project with one unexpected delay after another.  It’s better to arm yourself with a well-planned list of items to buy, make your selections, place your orders, and have everything you need on hand before you get halfway into the project and have to stop and wait for a delivery. Of course, there are bound to be a few things here and there that you didn’t think to get, changes in the plans, but you can avoid a lot of stress if you get all your tile, fixtures, lighting, paint, wallpaper, etc… before you start demolition.

2. Quality counts! Know when it’s okay to go for the bargain and when you should splurge.

Bargain hunters spend hours shopping around for great deals on discounted, overstocked, clearance items and gleefully pay sale prices for everything. And that’s fantastic, but you can’t lose sight of your priorities when you’re shopping for your bathroom renovation. Quality and durability are of the utmost importance in a room where shoddy materials could mean a plumbing disaster, and some areas really benefit from a splurge on something a little more high end – like a granite vanity top.

3. Consider resale appeal to potential future buyers when selecting materials, but choose what you will like too.

If there’s any chance at all that you might one day want to sell this home, then you have to consider the resale appeal of your planned design and the materials you want to use. This doesn’t mean you can’t include your favorite color in the overall color scheme, but maybe you shouldn’t pick lime green floor tile. Instead, choose a pleasant (neutral) shade for the more permanent aspect of the design and buy a set of lime green bath towels.

4. Test Drive

Yes, we’re still talking about a bathroom renovation project, not buying a new car. But if you buy a bathtub without sitting in it first, you could end up soaking in a fetal position. You probably can’t actually take a bath in it before buying, but go ahead and step in, lean back, make sure you can stretch out comfortably and that you’ll be able to fill it deep enough for a good soak.

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5. Shop around

Before you make your final purchase, do a little research. You can check shop online for anything, and you’ll get great ideas wandering around your nearest big box home improvement store. You might prefer to take your time and check out a few specialty stores, too, such as tile stores and plumbing showrooms.

6. Plan Storage Solutions for EVERYTHING

Clutter is unsightly and stressful, and this is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead for storage for all the little accoutrements of the bathroom. Think built-ins for cabinets, shelves, wall niches…

7. Waterproof!!!!

This is no time to skip the boring parts. It’s a bathroom! There will be a lot of water, and while water is wonderful for bathing, it can also cause a lot of damage when it leaks where it shouldn’t. Take care to use the proper underlayment and water-tight materials in order to avoid potentially disastrous water damage.

8. Lighting: You need more.

Good lighting is key to a good bathroom design, so make sure you plan to replace the lighting in your outdated bathroom. Not only will you want to update the old lighting, but during renovation it’s easier to add task lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, shower lights, undercabinet lighting, vanity lights, etc…

9. Think of the future.

Go for durability: choose materials that will last and a design style that will stand the test of time. Avoid design fads that come and go and you’ll end up hating before you can sell.

10. Make the biggest decision of all: DIY or Professional Contractor

There are plenty of things that the handy homeowner can do for himself without having to spend the money to hire a professional contractor. The trick is to never fool yourself into thinking a plumbing job will be a piece of cake, and don’t try to choose the paint colors if you’re colorblind. The most important decision you can make before you begin your bathroom renovation project is deciding whether to do-it-yourself or to call in the licensed general contractor, or a real plumber, or a professional interior designer.

BONUS TIP: If you decide to call in the pros, ask for references.

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