7 Way To Add Pizzazz to Your Kitchen

There are are various ways that one can use to add pizzazz to your kitchen in order to attain that unique design with the appropriate texture, colour and sparkle to your kitchen. You must not have a high budget for you to remodel your kitchen and add pizzazz to your kitchen design, there are ideas that you can take advantage of for and get to redesign your kitchen in a way that best appeals to you.

Add a splash of color with flowers

No matter what flowers you love, whether it tulips, roses or orchids, adding them in an attract vase can add extraordinary pizzazz. Unique pots or vases are always an interesting way to add a focal point to the kitchen and you can really showcase your personality. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the right container for your flowers. One of the best places to look for vases is at thrift stores or garage sales where you will find the best bargains and one-of-a-kind pieces. Remember, when placing flowers in the kitchen, they need to be in a spot that they will be safe from being bumped or knocked over. A kitchen island is always a good spot because it is where your family or guests usually loiter. When you are not cooking, the fragrance will add freshness to the area. Potted plants are another great addition to the kitchen. Just be sure to place plants near a good source of light like your kitchen window and water regularly. The size of the plant or floral arrangement will be determined by the size of your kitchen and the area you plan to place them in.

add Pizzazz to Your Kitchen

Make a statement with lighting

With Do-it-Yourself centers everywhere, you have many options to choose from when it comes to kitchen lighting. Update your boring overhead task lighting with something fancier. Chandeliers are beautiful options for the kitchen that are often overlooked. Keep in mind the size of the area that you want to light-up plus your ceiling heights. Another lighting option that is inexpensive and easy to install are under-valance lighting. Typically, you can purchase battery-powered lights that just adhere to the under-side of the cabinet and come with a remote control, or you can install lighting that requires you to tie into your electrical outlet. Both are inexpensive and easy to install but will add just the right amount of light and ambiance, especially if you entertain at night.

Little accents that pack a punch

Assess your kitchen and look for areas that are not used for cooking or preparing meals. Corners of countertops make great areas to add plants, cookie jars or any other decorative item that tickles your fancy. Vintage kitchen scales can be functional and pretty, as well as, whimsical towels. Don’t just go for the boring old salt and pepper shakers either, choose something fun and funky.

Replace cabinet knobs

You can modernize a whole kitchen just by replace the cabinet knobs. The selection that is available is huge as you can almost find any color, style or material imaginable. Think about the kind of kitchen you have and what you want to create. Is your style rustic? Modern? Traditional? No need to worry about matching your color scheme, sometimes bright and/or unusual will bring the impact your kitchen is lacking. This is an amazingly simple way to update your kitchen with little cost involved and you can change the knobs out yourself in less than an hour.

Don’t rule out small area rugs

You don’t need to replace perfectly good and durable flooring; why not bring some color or pattern to your floors? Rugs can not only add a punch but are excellent in the cooler months to keep your feet warm while standing at the sink. Take a look around your kitchen and figure out where you stand the most, and then take notice of the shape of the area. Is it a rectangular area by the sink? What about the island? How about an oval rug in front of the refrigerator? Runners are also another great option and easy to clean. Area rugs also protect your flooring and are a complimentary feature to any well-used kitchen.

Dress your walls and windows

Artwork isn’t just for your living areas anymore. If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, hang an oversized painting or print that reflects your style. It will be a conversation piece for when you have guests and will bring a smile to your face every time you enter the kitchen.

Don’t forget about kitchen windows; you can dress them up with wooden blinds, lace curtains or a valance. Materials, colors and patterns abound. If selecting blinds be sure to measure the inside of your window frame so you get the correct size with perfect fit. Shutters are becoming increasing popular as indoor window treatments. Any DIY center can help with ordering custom shutters.

Let’s get ambitious

If you have a larger budget for the update, try replacing the backsplash with something fun or re-facing cabinet doors so that have more decorative trim or glass doors. Backsplash can be done yourself or you can hire an installer. Your local DIY center can provide this service or they can give you advice and tips on how to do the job yourself.

Re-facing cabinet doors will need some planning, such as researching companies in your area that provide the service. A suggestion would be to peruse design magazines to find a style that you like so you can communicate this to the particular company you chose. Some advice would be to get a couple quotes before starting; and the new cabinet doors should only take a week to be finished and installed.

No matter what way you chose to add that necessary pizzazz to your kitchen, remember to use your imagination, let your personality shine through in your details and be proud of the work you accomplish.

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