50 Studio Apartment Design Ideas: Small & Sensational !

Living in a studio apartment can be fun if you have the right kind of ideas on how to maximise the available space. Given residing in a studio apartment is normally associated with living in the high-rise leafy areas you need to design your studio apartment with features and ideas that resonate well with the kind of environment you are living in. Here are some great studio apartment design ideas that you can take advantage of and get to transform your small studio apartment space to something spectacular.

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Namco Entertainment, the creators of Pac Man, opens Level 257. Its newest venture brings fine dining and gaming to Schaumburg's Woodfield Mall. Shot by Chicago Architecture and Editorial Photographer Nicholas James Photo.

Namco Entertainment, the creators of Pac Man, opens Level 257. Its newest venture brings fine dining and gaming to Schaumburg’s Woodfield Mall. Shot by Chicago Architecture and Editorial Photographer Nicholas James Photo.

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With some creativity and planning, it is possible to make your studio apartment feel as spacious as a larger home. Before you start to tear your hair out with frustration over what to do in your small space, check out the variety of design and décor ideas that we have compiled!

Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Image Source: Nest DC

Position a cube organizer in the center of your apartment to separate your sleeping and living areas. Not only does this provide you with a bit of privacy when guests may be visiting, but it also adds oodles of storage space to your apartment without wasting precious space. While the small table near the window is great for dining, it could also play double duty as an office workspace when candles and plates are swapped out for a laptop.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 1

Image Source: Modern Furniture Design Blog

Not only does a loft bed provide you with extra space to store a sofa or lounge chair in a cramped studio apartment, it also gives you some privacy when it comes time to turn in for the night.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 2

Mirrors are essential decorating pieces in any studio apartment, as their reflections create an optical illusion that makes a small space appear to be much bigger than it actually is. Hang an oversized mirror from your ceiling to separate your studio into what feels like two rooms, as well as to seemingly enlarge your space.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 3

Image Source: The Brooklyn Home Company

This weathered pallet board divider was built upon the base of a trundle bed, creating intimacy for slumber, as well as extra wall space for displaying framed artwork.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 5

The lack of closet space in a studio apartment is enough to push any true fashionista into a distressed mental state. Before you hand over your favorite frocks and skirts to a consignment shop, consider this design, which features a metal, runway-style hanging rack in the corner of a cramped studio apartment. Your beautiful collection will be easily accessible and constantly on display for your fellow fashion-loving friends to admire.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 7

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

You may think you have to put your culinary aspirations on hold while living in a studio apartment, but this design will make you reconsider that notion. Instead of shedding tears over a lack of cabinet space, hang large pots and pans from metal chains that are mounted onto the ceiling. Store the rest of your kitchenware on a tall, industrial-style cart that can be pushed to the side.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 8

Even though half-walls and multi-functional furniture pieces can section a studio apartment off into what feels like distinctive rooms, they can also leave your overall space feeling crowded. A glass wall with a curtain is a fantastic way to partition off a space while retaining the ambiance of an open floor plan. Simply move the curtain accordingly to create or remove privacy, depending on your mood.

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Image Source: Culshaw Bell Kitchenettes

It can be difficult to fit a bed, let alone an entire kitchen area, into a studio apartment. This innovative kitchenette from Culshaw Bell is a must-have for any studio, as it folds up into a compact cabinet when it’s not in use. When you’re ready to whip up a yummy concoction, it conveniently opens into a complete kitchen, even featuring a stovetop range and microwave oven!

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 9


This stunning wood piece is a multifunctioning wonder, acting as a headboard, closet, and display shelf in one. The fact that it’s on wheels just adds to its versatility, as it could also be moved against a wall if you were to tire of using it as a headboard.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas 11

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring! A bold accent wall featuring one large piece of art, such as the 3D light fixture pictured here, is an excellent way to add pizazz to your place without sacrificing precious floor space.

Visually section off your studio apartment into individual rooms using paint and wallpaper. At first glance, this apartment seems to have a separate bedroom and living area, while printed wallpaper and solid walls sequester one large space into sections.

An accordion-style folding screen is a stylish way to divide your studio apartment into various living spaces. We especially love the coordinating natural textures and fibers used in the décor of this studio apartment.

Studio Apartment Design 1

Image Source: Daily Arch Design

A bed is obviously an essential item that must be included in any living space, but unfortunately, it hogs much of a studio apartment’s square footage. That’s why a fold-down hideaway bed is an excellent piece to incorporate into any studio apartment’s design. Pull it down when you’re ready to snooze, and simply fold it