40 Awesome Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids

Canvas painting is an excellent creative activity for children regardless of the age and greatly helps them in cultivating that inner creativity as they get to harness their abilities in an artistic way. Painting stimulates children’s brain helping them gain access to some underlying capabilities that may either remain dormant if not activated at this early stage of life. There are awesome canvas painting ideas for kids that have been shared here that you can share with your kids and get them on the path of creative thinking and resourcefulness at that early age.

Not only is painting a great way to foster and encourage a great future for your children, it is sure to bring countless hours of fun too! Children will love creating a beautiful picture out of a plain canvas and enjoy the personal satisfaction and recognition that they are sure to receive for their one of a kind masterpiece. Painting on a canvas is also a great way to improve the self-esteem of kids as it will provide them with a lifelong skill they can be proud of. So, if you want to provide your children with an artistic outlet that will help them express themselves and boost their self-esteem then canvas painting is a great choice for kids of all ages. Let’s take a look at some canvas painting ideas for kids that your children are sure to love.

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Take in Nature

Take the art easel out to your family’s favorite nature spot and ask your children to paint what they see. Choose an area such as a forest in the fall, a lake or the oceanfront and watch kid’s creativity come to life. Provide the appropriate color choices based on the type of scenery they are painting. When you first get there take a walk with your kids and point out all of the great features, colors and scenery so that they really take in the scenery before they begin. Then, set up the easel, give them a paintbrush and let them crate a beautiful nature scene that you can proudly display and your walls at home.

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Marble Painting on Canvas

One way that even young children can begin canvas painting at an early age is marble painting. This easy to use painting technique is a great mess free way to create one of a kind canvas painting without all of the mess. Simply use a small canvas and place within a 9” x 13” baking pan or if you would prefer to use a large canvas, you can place it into a small outdoor childrens swimming pool. Once the canvas is in place all your kids to dip marbles into various colors of paint and place them onto the canvas. Roll the marbles around in many different directions to create a modern masterpiece. Your kids are sure to love that they can customize the colors and create a work of art that will match their room or any room in the house.

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Canvas Pointillism for Kids

Children will love this easy to do method for creating a dramatic pointillism effect that they created all by themselves. Provide them with two contrasting paint colors to choose from as well as two Q-Tips and two cotton balls to make circles of multiple sizes. Encourage your kids to place multiple dots of different colors side by side to create an image or perhaps write their name on a plain or painted canvas. This is a great activity that will allow you to customize a piece to match a specific room in your home or perhaps add a personalized touch to kids rooms by writing their name in a coordinating color that matches their rooms.

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Finger Painting on Canvas

All ids love finger-painting from the youngest to the oldest. This time tested activity is not only great when done on paper, it can also be painted on canvas too so that you can proudly display your child masterpiece in your home for everyone to enjoy. Not only will your child get a boost of self-esteem when you show off their hard work, this is also a great way to preserve memories from when your child was young. A canvas painting can be kept for many years to come so that you can remember this day with your child forever. Simply provide your child with a plain canvas and a variety of different colors of paint and let them create whatever comes to mind.

Canvas Painting is an activity that your child is sure to love and embrace, especially if you make it exciting and new by offering them different ideas to help them express their creative side. Painting is a great way to enhance your child’s brain development as it helps children learn to use both sides of their brain simultaneously. Creativity comes from the right side of the brain while logic and processing comes from the left side of the brain; therefore, when canvas painting children are able to establish the crucial connection between both sides of the brain which will help them to live up to their full potential in their adult lives.

Not only this, children who are encouraged to paint will earn to develop an appreciation for art which will carry with them throughout their lives. By encouraging your children to create one of a kind canvas painted masterpieces, they will understand the effort and work that goes into each piece of artwork and help develop a love of art. So, if you want a fun and fulfilling hobby for your children that will help them to develop into creative adults with a love of art then stock up on canvas’s and paint and watch your child thrive and flourish as each masterpiece is better than the last.

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