30 Fish Tank Ideas for a Relaxing Home

Having fish tank in your home can be quite relaxing and a great way to create such a soothing feeling and an exciting experience in your home. Research has proved that watching fish swim can help with conditions like reduced stress and blood pressure levels. Apart from the health benefits and the ability to create a serene and calming atmosphere in the home Fish tanks enhances the interior decor of the home resulting into a cool and fascinating home. Use these fish tank ideas for a relaxing home to design a more fulfilling and comforting place to spend your life in.

Fish tanks in homes are an attractive option for animal lovers as well as for the people who are very keen about having a well designed and well-equipped house. It’s a wonderful part of home décor. Earlier it was not so common to have fish tanks in homes but these days it has become quite an attractive option as fish tanks can be found in many houses these days. There are various lucrative ideas available with a large variety of sea animals that can be kept as pets in the house. Fish tank ideas can be obtained online or can be obtained from the people selling fish tank aquariums and can also be created out of one’s own mind. The ideas can be in collaboration with the home décor, the color of the walls or the look of the area of the house where the fish tank is to be placed.

30 Fish Tank Ideas for Your Home

Adding Decoration

Decorations of different kinds can be added to the fish tank so as to make it look even more appealing both for the viewers as well as the animals living within the fish tank. The pet stores in the markets are full of stuff for decorating the fish tanks. Following can be used for decorations:Corals, Fake rocks, sunken ships and Plants.

When designing your fish tanks its good to look for something striking like the alpines and fern plants that are grown vertically just like in the fish tank design below. The gold fish used in the fish tank creates such a striking look as it moves amongst the plants.


Fish tanks are fantastic and can transform the entire outlook of a home. The use  of aquarium gravel in the fish bubble below looks quite beautiful as it also creates a feeling of liveliness. The colour of the gravel and the fish blends so well with the accent of the wall.


The use of large tropical fish tanks brings a feel of an ocean experience right in the comfort of the home especially if a dark background is used as it makes the fish tank to appear deep. The shiny gravel used at the bottom of the fish tanks brings out such a cool aura in the home.


It’s just amazing how fish tanks can be incorporated with the toilet bowl like in the designs below. The use of plants and stones in the fish tanks is quite breathtaking as having a look at the fish tanks elicits those feelings like you are watching a real sea which ignites sweet memories.



Plants can be used in the fish tank to make it the look of a real sea. It gives an ambience to the fishes to survive in. the plants that can be used in the fish tanks can however either be real or fake depending on one’s own choice.


The materials used for designing the fish tanks also contribute greatly to enhancing the look of the fish tank and where it is placed. Apart from the deep sea plants and the sand visible in the fish tank design below, the type of lighting used has also made the entire fish tank to look spectacular.


The ideas chosen doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive it’s good to source for items that can be used to design fish tanks that fits your budget well. The fish tank design below is quite suitable for a spacious room given the all round glass covering. It’s good to place it in a place that does not require constant impact with people moving around like in a living room.


Enjoying the ambience of a sea life from the comfort of your home can be quite exciting if you have a well designed fish tank. The fish tank below looks simple and portable as it can be easily lifted and placed in any desired place. The use of rocks and bushy seabed full of plants creates a cool picture of sea life.


When designing a fish tank for your home, it’s good to use elements that enhance the outlook of your home. Having a fish tank that looks natural and as part of the room changes the entire outlook of the home. The use of the taller plants and the reefs with the fish creates an ideal sea environment in the house.


It becomes very important to clean the decorations from time to time to maintain the hygiene of the fish tank. Scrub bristles, scrub pads, gravel cleaning kits, gravel cleaning tube etc are easily available in the markets and even at the pet shops and can be very conveniently used to clean the added decorations that need strict hygiene control for good health of the fishes.

  • Artificial plants are often used more because they can be easily maintained.
  • Original plants are also used by people to ensure the good quality of water in the tank.


There’s just something about nature that no material can mimic perfectly and when you use live plants with natural sand and gravel in your fish tank, it becomes so real and connects perfectly well with people. As much as the fish tank below is part of the home design, it creates such a spectacular feeling looking at the corals and the seabed plants.


The fish tank design below depicts that real picture of what is expected in other parts of the seabed. Apart from the unique plants and the gravel, the look of the skull makes the appearance so real.


Designing a fish tank doesn’t have to be only for big spaces, you can also use small peaces of materials to design a cool fish tank just like the one below. The few natural stones and plants create a perfect sea environment with the small fish making it look complete. Such small fish tanks can be used as a sample or as a form of decoration.

smallest aquarium3

Providing a conducive environment where the plants can breathe and grow within the home looks perfectly well. The design below shows a simple device that’s improvised to provide conducive atmosphere for the plants to express their beauty. Use of fish tank to grow the flower expresses the variety of home decor ideas one can take advantage of.


When you get your fish tank you need to decide on the kind of fish you find you would want to have in your fish tank as a part of your home décor. It is important that you choose the fish of your choice as you would be looking at them every day so you need to love them absolutely.

  • The cleaning is needed at specific interval of time.
  • It not only ensures hygiene but also beauty of the fish tank.



The way plants are arranged in a fish tank also cteates a perfect look. Having taller plants on the back of the tanks and shorter plants in the front of the tank also helps in seeing the fish just like in the fish tank below. The fish tank below looks stunning even with the clock at the top and the length of the tank blends perfectly well with the theme of the room.


Use of different types of lighting can have an amazing effect on how a fish tank looks. It’s good to try using lighting that clearly brings out the right feeling you want to create. The fish tank below seems to have sufficient lighting as it very clearly highlights the elements in the fish tank.


This is quite a dynamic fish tank design with a display of complex sea plants and creatures. The design paints a clear picture of the things taking place below the sea with the lighting used creating a rich visual experience of the fish tank. The shape of the fish tank gives the entire design an aspect of hills and valley just like how fish moves while in the sea.


When designing your fish tank its good to leave some space for the fish to move around comfortably.  Use of a congested material as a fish tank may not create the fascinating look you might love to create. The materials below can be easily obtained and used as fish tank and designing the containers does not require much work once you have the necessary materials.


  • You need to decide whether you want tropical or cold water fish. It is preferable to start with inexpensive fish reason being that they are more comfortable to grow and an easily adapt to their environment.
  • It’s  preferable never start up with a salt water fish at all as they require some different techniques in order for them to grow. These techniques can be complex to understand and difficult to learn.

Size of the Tank

It is very important to have a fish tank of appropriate size.  It becomes significant for two reasons. First being the space available in your house. A big fish tank will not be recommended if you have a small room where you want to keep your fish tank. Similarly a very small sized fish tank won’t look good enough in a huge lobby or living room kind of an area.


Using fish tank with a dark background adds depth into the tank and makes it to look much better than one without a background. The fish tank below has a dark background that does not only create depth but creates a picture of such a real deep see life with corals, algaes and other sea weed.


The use of transparent fish tanks does not require much lighting like the ones enclosed on both sides as the containers are transparent on all sides. The fish tanks can be placed in a place where ceiling light can be easily accessed for sufficient lighting.


The dark back ground and the blue lighting used in the fish tank below looks great with the slanting and slopping of the tank creating contours that elicits that random movement just like it appears in the sea. The way the fish tank is designed makes it look like its quite wide and deep.


The fish tank design below looks quite simple yet perfectly designed. If you have an old gum machine you can make use of it by turning it into a fish tank instead of disposing it. The use of natural stones and live plants with sufficient room for fish to swim around makes it quite ideal for a simple home.


  • The second reason is the number of sea animals or fish that you want to keep in your fish tank.
  • A larger number would obviously demand a bigger fish tank while if there are fewer numbers of fish then a small fish tank would do.

You need to change the water frequently. From time to time the water of the fish tank needs to be changed to maintain the hygiene standards and the quality of the fish tank.

Feeding the Fish

Keeping a fish tank in the house is a big responsibility. The creatures become a part of the family and it is very important to feed them from time to time. They need to be fed at least thrice a day. It should be taken care of that they are not over fed and sometimes there are cases that fishes eat each other up as well. So one needs to take care of that, that carnivorous fish are not kept in the fish tank and that they are fed full and proper


This is such a fantastic fish tank idea and having it fixed on the wall creates a stylish separation of the rooms. The colours of the wall and the fish tanks blends quite well. The fish tank designs are not very sophisticated but creates different pictures of an ideal sea life with each displaying distinct features of sea life.


What a nice way to create style and attraction in a room. The unique interior design ideas also comes handy when designing a fish tank The attractive aquarium features used in the fish tank below quite attractive and creates the necessary attention given it’s at the centre of the room. The space is large enough for the fish to swim through.


The wall long fish tank displays such a cool theme that blends quite well with the accent of the room. The lighting is superb with the blue colour lights creating an atmosphere of deep see view. The features are spread all through the stretch of the aquarium resulting into such a uniform feel all through the room.


The fish tank design below displays an amazing artwork with the lighting clearly highlighting the sea features. The fish tank looks stunning next to the stairs where it’s placed with the theme of the fish tank blending quite well with the wall colours and the room.


This is such a bold fish tank design with sufficient space for the fish to swim about. This salt water fish tank design looks great with the clear view of the ocean floor and the plants. The fish tank blends quite well with the theme of the room as its not only decorative but full of life.


A lot of good ideas in regard to fish tanks can be obtained from internet and various books that have been published on the subject. So, fish lovers! Go ahead and get your fish tanks now!

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