25 Backyard Ideas that add Value to your Home

A well-maintained backyard has a way of transforming the overall outlook of your home while at the same time increasing the value of the home. Household improvements often come with great returns especially when you decide to sell the property. There are classic outdoor ideas that one can make use of to turn your home into that castle that reflects your tastes and your values. Use the backyard tips and ideas shared here to add value to your home.

One of the most effectual methods of attaining this, is with the use of trees for landscaping. Using plants in a garden   can greatly enhance the outlook of a backyard. The same stylishness can be unspoken with the addition of large evergreens in your backyard.

25 Beautiful Backyard Ideas For Your Sweet Home

Detailing about Backyard Ideas

A great backyard landscaping theme is one that everybody could take advantage of. There is a lot of different landscape gardening ideas and most of them are pretty favourable but to uncover the one that’s right for you and that has exactly what your backyard requires could take a lot of studying. This article can assist you to come up with the idyllic backyard landscaping theme for your home.

Backyard landscaping does not have to become a lot of hard work. There are many ways for a low preservation backyard and below are some of the backyard ideas you can take advantage of to make your backyard look spectacular and relaxing.

Tips to maintain your pool making your life much easier

To create an outdoor landscaping project, there are so many factors to be considered when making plans. It is very important that a garden must be erected in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Besides that, little herb vegetation, plants, trees and water fall are attributes that can create a conducive and relaxing atmosphere and also make outstanding backyard landscaping ideas.

Garden Ponds

A backyard can be a place where weeds grow, an unkempt portion of your property with litter all over the place. The manicured landscape below with a small swimming pool makes the entire backyard to look quite appealing and elegant. The adjacent long grown trees makes the entire backyard look refreshing with the arrangement of the stones creating a cool theme for the backyard.

backyard (5)

  • It is really amazing as one could have a fountain built in the centre of the pond.
  • It could be a well-maintained area for the family, with beautiful flowers and other plants.

Water Planting in Garden

You can also incorporate lilies and few types of seaweed that are appealing to the eyes and also not harmful. The herbs and flowers that are planted alongside the walls makes the entire place look breathtaking even as one enjoys time on the swing.

backyard (16)

  • There are so many types of edible plants that are great for water feature as in lotus, duck potato also water leaf.
  • It could contain all the amenities for relaxation like a swimming pool, a spa, or even a Jacuzzi good architect or landscape designer can make the best use of space, and if a private pool is what you want.

Adding Rock Pools and Water

The water feature being added to the garden draws more awareness and also makes the yard good-looking. The backyard below looks classic with the large water body next to the backyard creating a cool atmosphere as one enjoys the breeze while relaxing in the backyard.

backyard (3)

  • Totalling rock pools also water characteristic can also be sensible in planning backyard landscaping ideas.
  • You can just make your dream come very true.

Important tips on developing an adaptable, soothing and absolutely stunning landscape for the Backyard

Providing an open roof in the backyard creates a cool environment where family members and friends can relax as they enjoy the shade.The hanging chandeliers provides sufficient light even in the dark with the trees regulating the air and atmosphere making the whole setting refreshing.

backyard (6)

The backyard design below is ideal as a gathering place for the family and even friends just to get a feel of nature as you enjoy the warm firewood. The arrangement of every item is spectacular and clean making it safe for the kids to move around. The logs are well stacked making it easy to pull a piece without interfering with the cool arrangement.

backyard (11)

The backyard design below is quite spacious and accommodates the children play area perfectly well. The children have enough room to run around, play with the ball and even swing. The use of sand on the ground is suitable for the children as its not slippery and children are not likely to fall often as they play.

backyard (12)

Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Having a look at the beautiful flowers and plants creates such a soothing feeling. The backyard design below is spacious enough and well utilized with the benches providing sufficient room for friends and family to have a feel of the warm firewood as they enjoy the fresh breeze emanating from the surrounding vegetation.

backyard (1)

You are able to implement some unique and private landscaping ideas to your backyard. It may be your haven for unwinding following a busy day at work or your holiday home, in your backyard.

Animal Paradise

If you are an animal or bird lover, you’ll be able to create a backyard that can attract many types of birds and wildlife.

  • Plant lots of tall trees, bushes inside your backyard place layer feeds at tactical locations inside a backyard.
  • You are able to transform your backyard to resemble a Caribbean retreat.

Rock Garden

backyard (8)

Rock garden is an additional interesting option to design your backyard. You should use nice, colourful stones and pebbles to construct walkways in your garden.

Formal Backyard

If you plan to go for a very neat and spotless look, than an English look backyard landscape could be ideal for you. The stones and pebbles used in the backyard design below looks spectacular creating such an endearing look. The different colours of  flowers used also create such an attractive blend in the backyard.

backyard (9)

  • Plant some bushes and shrubs round the edge of the yard and keep a monotonous look of a lawn.
  • Produce a sand bed in a cosy corner of the backyard.

Pools and Ponds

A pool in a backyard provides a great ambiance for summer parties. You could have deck or pool parties around a pool. The trees and the swimming pool creates such a breathtaking view that makes the entire backyard look spectacular. The stones are perfectly arranged with the splashing water flowing into the pool creating an impression of some classic hotel atmosphere.

backyard (26)

Deck Planters

When designing your backyard, its good to decide on a colour that  you would prefer for your backyard then choose patio and other features that complement the chosen colour just like in the backyard design below. The brown colour chosen as the theme blends well with the ground colour, chairs, table and the wood used on the fence.

backyard (10)

  • You can prefer a simple landscape with abundant hit planters.
  • Place gorgeous pots or planters around the deck and grow colourful flowers.

Use of plants and herbs in the backyard is also a great way to make the design look spectacular just like in the backyard design below. A mixture of herbs and flowers of different colours that’s spread all over the place looks great. The kind of chairs used also blends well with the wooden fence with a mix of green hue making the entire backyard blend so well.

backyard (2)

What a well manicured backyard with beautiful mix of flowers and herbs. The adjacent forest of trees creates such a soothing feeling and allows refreshing breeze to flow through the backyard. The backyard design is spacious enough providing sufficient room for walking around and even relaxing. The chairs are comfortable and well arranged for a family and couple relaxation with the sculpted grass creating such a beautiful feel.

backyard (13)

A wall of greenery is a great design idea for a backyard creating such a lush backdrop with sufficient space for conversation. The green and grey theme blends well with the plants creating such a harmonious and refreshing feeling.

patio ideas for backyard

The spacious backyard design below is a work of creativity considering the style of the seating and the fire place. The space is sufficiently utilized providing enough room for relaxing and conversing as you enjoy the warm fire. The trees and plants scattered in the backyard creates a conducive atmosphere and enhances the look of the outdoor living room.

backyard (15)

The backyard design below looks spectacular with well manicured grass and the shrubs appearing in uniform arrangement creating such a sleek and modern look. The wooden seating blends well with other features in the backyard. The blue theme of the building resonates perfectly well with the gravel used and the white colour used on the slabs and the door creates such a uniform backyard design.


Having a backyard design with overgrown trees creates that feeling of being in the wild with spectacular flowers and overgrown herbs just like in the backyard design below. Having a classic game area for the whole family to enjoy is such a great idea that makes time spent in the backyard engaging and relaxing just like in the design below.

backyard (19)

A well designed backyard creates a perfect place to relax and unwind. Instead of living stones to loosely lie around, you can use them to create layers in a backyard garden just like in the below design. The layers of stones are well arranged as they help in supporting soil in the garden from being eroded. The swing set looks spectacular for relaxation by the whole family and well designed for maximum engagement of the children.


The below backyard looks cool and elegant with the grass perfectly manicured and the bamboo trees and other plants creating a beach like feeling.  The backyard is spacious enough providing sufficient room for relaxing as you enjoy the breathtaking breeze.

backyard (21)

Use of stone walls creates in the backyard has created a beautifully looking garden with a blend of beautiful flowers and well manicured grass. The layers of stone makes the entire backyard to look cool for relaxation with the trees making the entire setting to be quite refreshing.

backyard (22)

The way the stones have been used in the backyard design below makes the entire setting to look fabulous. The arrangement of the stones around the flower garden and the herbs creates such a cool feel with the large tree providing sufficient shade for outdoor activities and relaxation. The theme blends well with the wooden fence as it creates some element of uniformity.

backyard (23)

A backyard provides such a suitable place to unwind especially when its spacious and well designed with different features. Having a backyard with a swing set and a swimming pool like the one below provides total engagement and relaxation. The wall is uniformly fenced with the herbs planted along the fence making the whole setting spectacular.

backyard (24)

Having cool materials and trendy furniture in the backyard can be quite inviting even if one is not into relaxing. The backyard design below looks great with the furniture colours blending well with other features in the backyard. The overgrown trees provide sufficient shadow as the herbs makes the entire design more cool and elegant.

backyard (25)

Use of a wicker set in the backyard is a classic idea given the comfort and elegance that the seating creates. The stone wall and the beautifully designed flowers looks great on the vases. The seating theme also blends well with other features in the backyard.

backyard (27)

The use of beautiful flowers on the bird feature brightens the entire setting while creating such a significant appeal.The colours also breaks the monotony of the green lawn and the trees making the entire backyard to look and feel quite lovely and elegant.

backyard (28)

It’s also possible to create an interior feel in the outdoors with the beautifully arranged flowers that are well spread along the walls just like in the design below. Having a well designed backyard creates comfort especially when you have friends around as you get sufficient space to relax and converse as you enjoy the cool breeze coming from the trees. The coloured flowers enhances the entire look making the backyard to be quite magnificent.

backyard (29)

Having a bushy backyard creates that jungle feeling with the overgrown trees and  the shrubs making the whole setting look like being in a forest. The dog house is what creates the feeling of a home. The idea is great as you don’t have to walk in a forest to enjoy the cry of bird and other animals, you will be experiencing them right at the comfort of your compound

backyard (30)

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