Spice up your Space: 20 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Your living room is one of the places you spend most of the time in and it is also where you get to interact with guests and visitors that come to your home. The status of the living room is normally perceived to be an expression of the personality and character of the owner. It is therefore important to design your living room with cool interior design ideas that expresses your ideal personality. The living room wall decor ideas shared here will ignite your own creativity and expose you to great insights that you can use to transform your living room into that stylish and elegant place to stay in.

Whether you’re a bohemian spirit with a love of natural elements, or a mommy who wants to showcase her children’s beaming smiles, you’re bound to find inspiration from these 20 ideas for living room wall décor. All it takes is just one or two pieces of unique living room wall décor to make your space memorable, so it’s completely okay to be choosy.

living room wall decor

Image Source: Etsy.com/shop/StatesbySnellington

We risk sounding cliché by saying this, but we believe in the time-tested adage that “home is where the heart is.” Showcase your pride for your home state with a rustic wall hanging in the shape of any state in the union. Made to order by Etsy seller StatesbySnellington, each piece is individually crafted with lightweight wood and sealed with a colored stain or varnish of your choice.


Image Source:PB&J Stories

Crafty blogger Pamela of PB&J Stories up-cycled a discarded fence panel into a piece of wall art by mounting basic gray frames upon it featuring photos of her beautiful family. You could also put your own personal spin on the idea by framing vintage magazine covers or artwork instead of family photographs.

living room wall art

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Most people envision tapestries spread over beds or draped over couches, but they can also make stunning pieces of wall art. This bright map illustration adds a pop of color and dimension to an otherwise blank living room wall.


Image Source: Ian Claridge Studio

Infuse your home with bohemian beauty by mounting a wood branch onto your living room wall and looping it with beaded strands of varying lengths and materials.


Image Source: Q Lounge Miami

Not only do large mirrors act as stunning pieces of living room wall décor, but they also create an optical illusion that makes a room seem much larger than it truly is. Plus, it’s extremely convenient to be able to check your appearance in your own living room rather than disappear into the bathroom when you’re entertaining guests!


Image Source: grandinroad

If you’re anything like most people, you host an occasional game night with family and friends in your living room. Pay homage to game night with your living room wall art by arranging these Scrabble-inspired tiles into words of your choosing. At only $12 per tile from the home décor store grandinroad, you can spell just about any design on the cheap!


Image Source: 1lovestore.com

Wall décor doesn’t have to be three-dimensional to liven up your living room. Select an eccentric wallpaper print and apply it to one accent wall to add a burst of fun to your space without overwhelming it with a wild pattern.

living room wall art

Image Source: Amazon

If you dig the wallpaper idea but are looking for something a bit less bold and permanent, scour the Web for the perfect removable wall decal. At only $15, this lovebird design can completely change the look of your space with just one stick.


Image Source: Country Living Magazine

As ironic as it sounds, antique dinnerware can sometimes be too lovely to use. Scour estate sales and thrift shops for the perfect antique plates and mount them on your living room wall instead of serving food upon them. Your living room will be infused with a touch of vintage flair, and you won’t risk chipping or breaking such beautiful pieces.


Image Source: Shutterfly

Dust off that old box of family photographs and turn its contents into living room wall art. Such precious memories should be revisited every day rather than once a year when you pull that box down from the attic! Upload your favorite photos of beloved relatives to a website like Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, and have them printed onto gorgeous canvases that you can mount onto your living room wall.

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Image Source: StoneGable Blog

Whether you’re a talented musician or someone who can just appreciate good music, framed vintage sheet music can add a note of elegance to any living room wall. You could use Yvonne of StoneGable Blog as inspiration and create a grid pattern of several matching frames, or stick with just one or two if you’re short on space.


Image Source: Design Sponge

Another music-inspired idea is to mount vintage guitars and record albums as living room wall art. If you’re musically inclined, you probably already have these items in your basement. If not, check out your local thrift store and remember that as long as the items look great, they don’t need to be in working order.


Image Source: The Yellow Cape Cod

If your living room is a cozy space, you should be spending plenty of your time there, making a large clock a very fitting choice of wall décor.


Image Source: Tara Dennis

Go gaga for glitter with this DIY project, which we promise is much easier to pull off than it looks! Just use a large hexagon-shaped paper punch, which you can find at any craft store, to cut shapes out of foil, glitter, and matte cardstock. Then use craft glue to mount the hexagons in a unique arrangement on a blank canvas, creating a piece of living room wall art that will both shimmer and stun your guests with its beauty.


Image Source: Etsy.com/shop/FunkyFrillsUK

Etsy seller FunkyFrillsUK has found a way to make stunning, three-dimensional wall art out of just three basic supplies. Triangles are made of metallic cardstock and sewn together before being attached to a wood batten. Check out her Etsy store for similar hangings made from a variety of shapes, from spaceships to stars!


Image Source: Mox& Fodder

If you’re up for a DIY project on the cheap, check out this idea from Kathryn of the design blog Mox& Fodder. She started off by hanging a piece of string over her couch with two nails. Then she used a fabric scissors to cut streamers of varying lengths out of scrap fabric she happened to have on hand, tying them onto the string and creating a gorgeous result in a matter of minutes.


Image Source: Home Decorating Trends Magazine

Plants aren’t just for tabletops or gardens; they’re also for walls! Infuse your living room with the fresh, natural essence of the great outdoors by mounting indoor plants in rustic wood boxes above a couch or lounge chair, making sure they have access to plenty of sunlight.


Image Source: HGTV

Building your own home on a scenic property that you hand-selected is a dream come true. Integrate the memorableprocess into your living room’s décor by framing maps of the property used while you were building. If you’re not living in your dream home just yet, you can still gather inspiration from this design by hanging frames featuring any type of art in a similarly unique, overlapping arrangement.

wall art

Image Source: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SasperryDesigns

Regardless of personal style or budget, most people have at least one canvas painting hanging in the living room of their home. Stand out by taking the trend a step further by mounting a multi-canvas portrait, like this visually stunning fallpiece by Etsy seller Sasperry Designs, onto one of your living room walls.


Image Source: Little Brick House

This wooden arrow wall hanging looks as though it came straight from a Pottery Barn catalog, but it was actually hand crafted in about an hour by DIY blogger Amanda of Little Brick House!The varying tones add dimension to the piece and make it pop against whitewashed walls.

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