20 Creative Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Regardless of the type of kitchen you have whether cozy, rustic, modern or sleek you can improve it further by incorporating classic backsplash ideas. There are great kitchen backsplash ideas that one can take advantage of for a more harmonious and stylish look in the kitchen. Below are great kitechen backsplash ideas that you can take advantage of whether you like ceramic, marble a mix and match of different patterns and colours, you will get the perfect patterns that best suits your kitchen backsplash design.

Whether you tend to gravitate more towards vintage charm or streamlined modernity, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with at least one of these ingenious kitchen backsplash designs:


Not only is a pegboard backsplash easy to clean and inexpensive to install, but it also provides you with extra storage space for small kitchen utensils and gadgets that can be mounted upon it with hooks.


While there’s nothing more modern than stainless steel appliances, this faux stone backsplash adds a natural element to the kitchen’s otherwise state-of-the-art design.stainless-steel-backsplash-photos

If you prefer a more cohesive, unified design in your kitchen, match your backsplash to your stainless steel appliances. While the materials are the same, the textures create a unique contrast, with appliances coated in brushed steel and a backsplash designed in a checkered pattern.


Undoubtedly a design that’s more difficult to execute than one featuring fake stones, this DIY backsplash requires you to collect real stones that are about the same size and weight before mounting them in an orderly arrangement. Make sure to scrub them clean before you install them!PiBacksplash14

Installing two tones of tile in a deliberate arrangement can turn your backsplash into an instant work of art, like this chic cityscape design.


This glassy turquoise backsplash adds a beachy, surf-inspired vibe to this otherwise basic kitchen design.Kitchen Backsplash

Schoolchildren aren’t the only ones who should be able to play with chalk! Simply paint basic drywall with chalkboard paint to create this artsy backsplash that the whole family will love.0126445_half-day-designs-wallpaper-backsplash_s4x3_lg

The next time you see a half-used roll of fantastic vintage wallpaper at a thrift store, don’t pass it up. An old-fashioned pattern like this blue and gold floral design will add a dash of vintage charm to any kitchen.Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A multicolor watercolor backsplash takes this whitewashed kitchen from boring and blah to brilliant and bold!Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 1

This glass brick-style backsplash adds dimension to the kitchen by using texture instead of bright splashes of color, creating a classically clean look.original_brian-flynn-kitchen-photo-backsplash-beauty_s4x3_lg

Transform a favorite photograph into a one-of-a-kind backsplash by printing it on heavy vinyl and attaching it to the wall using wallpaper paste. Make sure to select an image that can be easily enlarged and adapted to fit the backsplash area of your kitchen.

Aquarium Kitchen Tile Mural Backsplash 1

You’ll feel as though you’re cooking under the sea with this tiled mural backsplash. The realistic appearance of this design will make guests wonder if your kitchen is equipped with an artistic mural or a real aquarium!


Get in touch with your crafty side with this fun DIY backsplash. Daunted by the cost of glass tile when redesigning her kitchen, blogger Laura Haystone of the site Design Share invested less than $100 in glass beads from a local craft store to create this colorful and quirky design.corkafter

Corkboards aren’t just for college dorm rooms anymore. Simply attach rolls of cork shelf liner to the wall with mounting tape to create your own backsplash for just a few dollars. The best part of this design is the fact that you can tack up new photos and notes anytime to create a brand new look with ease!


This creative idea from Jill of the DIY blog Create Craft Love requires lots of hard work and patience, but we think the beautiful design pays off in the end. Jill spent months drinking lots of wine (a chore we would love to help out with!) and collecting over 800 corks, which she then sliced in half and mounted onto plywood with tacky glue to create a booze-inspired backsplash that would look fantastic in any wine lover’s kitchen!


Rustic wood pallets contrast beautifully with clean, light wood countertops. Just make sure that you scrub the pallets before installing if you take this idea on as a DIY project !


Chevron is currently one of the hottest trends in fashion, covering maxi dresses, tanks, and even handbags. With its edgy lines and fun appearance, we can’t say that we’re surprised that this geometric print is so popular. Add a trendy touch to your kitchen by implementing a chevron backsplash, which can be achieved through tiling, painting, or wallpapering, depending on your personal preference.


Created by talented designer Chris Emmert, this colorful mosaic backsplash was made using glass tile, beads, and broken china pieces before being coated with polymer resin for sheen and added protection.


Dazzle your guests with a crystal clear mirror backsplash. Not only does it create a clean look, the reflective nature of the design produces an optical illusion that makes your kitchen seem much larger than it truly is, making it a wonderful choice for small spaces.


This three-dimensional backsplash channels the mood of a fresh botanical garden and infuses it into your kitchen. Artist Catherine Lottes mounted flowers made of recycled glass on a honey beige mosaic backsplash for a one-of-a-kind design.

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