20 Birdhouse Designs to Attract Friendly Flocks

Birds are often found to be some irresistible creatures given the way they perch on trees around homes and gardens. The best gift a gardener can do is to construct some shelter to be able to attract these friendly flocks. It also becomes easier to give them food when they are housed around. You can make use of the ideas shared here that involve use of stones, wood, rustic materials to even modern materials.

Whether you are interested in building your own birdhouse or purchasing one online, these twenty birdhouses are sure to inspire and instigate you to find the perfect design to welcome flocks of feathered friends to your home.

Birdhouse Designs

The vintage teapot passed down from your grandmother may be lovely, but if you don’t have a taste for tea, that delicate piece of kitchenware may not often make its way out of the cupboard very often. Put it to use as a pretty and practical component of a birdhouse, like this one from Etsy’s LittleMonkeyWoodshop.

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This acorn-shaped birdhouse, crafted from birch and walnut, is the perfect accent for any nature lover’s backyard. While its shape may be modeled after a squirrel’s famously favorite treat, this design from Etsy’s CattailsWoodwork is only for the birds!

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A house belonging to humans doesn’t always have to be permanently attached to the ground to be a home, and the same is true for birdhouses. This adorable trailer birdhouse from Etsy’s birdhouse20 will provide the perfect shelter and source of food for tiny tenants!


Even more beautiful than many houses of worship intended for human visitors, this little white chapel with stone paneling is always open for winged congregation members.


Scare away potential robbers and feed your backyard companions with this birdhouse, which is comically designed to look like a high-tech security camera!


Get in touch with your crafty side and use basic odds and ends from a “junk drawer” to decorate a basic wood birdhouse coated in colorful paint. Glitter glue, fabric flowers, and random buttons make eye-appealing embellishments that will undoubtedly attract beautiful birds to your feeder.


These hilarious birdhouses are a perfect gift idea for both bar flies and those with a keen sense of humor. Modeled after vintage main street USA staples, they are emblazoned with witty names that are somehow related to our little friends that flock to them.


Even if you only indulge in the occasional glass of wine, chances are that you have a small collection of wine corks that are just too pretty to part with. Allow this photo to serve as inspiration and use them to create your own quirky and corky birdhouse that your backyard inhabitants are sure to love.


Even friendly birds with positive spirits are sure to flock to this vibrant and colorful Angry Birds birdhouse, which would also be a favorite with technology nerds in your household who may be addicted to the popular game!


The colorful paisley design on this simple black birdhouse is prettier than any print or pattern found stitched onto a designer purse. While it would be a lovely asset to any yard, it would be a particularly excellent gift idea for Vera Bradley enthusiasts because of its reminiscence to the brand’s distinct style.


A repurposed tin embellished with a recycled wood knob and a reclaimed wood roof makes for a charming birdhouse that any vintage enthusiast will love to display in his yard. Seller Milepost7 features several similar designs at affordable prices in his Etsy store, or you could recreate the idea on your own if you have enough patience and creative skill.


Char of the DIY blog Crap I’ve Made is an expert at repurposing one man’s trash and turning it into another man’s treasure. As a case in point, take this polka dot birdhouse she made out of a basic mailbox and hung on a chain from the ceiling of her covered front porch.


While you probably don’t have the level of artistic skill that Etsy’s EdwardsFarm uses to paint a beautiful gourd like this one, anyone can make a similar birdhouse by drying and cleaning a gourd. Just drill a large hole in the front of the gourd and hang from a tree or porch with coated wire.


We probably wouldn’t want to dine in a “porta potty,” but hey, maybe birds have different opinions about fine dining than we as humans do. Regardless, this birdhouse, modeled after a portable potty, is downright hysterical and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you glance out your window.


If you’re looking for a simple birdhouse with natural elements, this is the perfect design for you. A basic design made of crosscut wood logs, this little birdhouse is trimmed with real moss for an eco-friendly bird habitat.


While a home foreclosure is hardly a humorous concept when you’re facing it yourself, we have to admit that it’s definitely laughable when it’s used as inspiration for a little birdhouse!


This birdhouse, which is made of hand-painted stone and modeled after Cinderella’s famous pumpkin coach, will add a splash of playfulness to your backyard décor and fill birdies’ bellies at the same time!


While turning an empty milk carton into a birdhouse would be an incredibly fun project for kids to put together on a rainy day, it’s also a budget-friendly and green-minded concept that creative people of all ages could try.

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Birds are known for filling the air with their sweet melodies, so it only seems right that we as humans could put a little bit of music back into their lives in return. You can do just that with this guitar-inspired birdhouse made of wood!

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It seems like everyone’s homes and favorite hotspots are traceable using the Internet, and now it looks as though bird locales are no more anonymous! This humorous birdhouse is designed to look like the official Google Maps icon, with which we are all too familiar these days.

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