2 Very Different Kitchen Styles and How to Achieve Them

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms within a house with different activities taking place each day. The design of your kitchen is what determines if you can comfortably carry out the desired activities or not.  There are various kitchen styles, ideas and themes that one can make use of for a fully equipped kitchen with the neccessary features and for a more luxurios and well equipped kitchen, you can sample the different kitchen styles and how to achieve them that has been clearly shared here.


when we think of a farmhouse kitchen we think of dried herbs hanging from the low wooden beams set in old farmhouse stone, and classic Aga cooking away at a traditional roast, or a warming country pie.  Now you may not have stone walls or low wooden beams gracing your kitchen space but that’s not to say you can’t achieve the same glowing ambient and rustic feel associated with an authentic farmhouse kitchen. Done well, these designs are often timeless, and great for big families or avid bakers.

One consistent material in a farmhouse style kitchen is wood. Whether you go for a dark wood, a light wood, or even a painted wood, that is up to you. It’s worth considering the natural light the room receives as well as the electrical lighting. While a room with plenty of bright sunlight might look grand with some handsome dark beams, this could make a small or dim room look dingy or cramped, so a lighter wood may be a better choice. Traditional Oak is a great choice and has lovely versatile mid-tones. A table, a traditional kitchen dresser, or a breakfast bench can all be great ways to introduce a solid wood presence in your kitchen.

You may want a neutral feel to your farmhouse kitchen, but avoid making it bland or boring. If you find your Kitchen feels a little too light with pale or painted wood, try incorporating a bold accent colour, or dark iron touches such as implements or hanging pots and pans. If you plan to have light coloured walls, exposing one brick wall can really dramatize the room and offset the light colours. Conversely, if your kitchen has a lot of dark tones, pale accents such as a large sunken porcelain farmhouse sink and draining board, hanging herbs, tea towels, or glass display cupboards can lift the room.

As for stone, a good stone-like or brick floor will really accentuate the farm feel of the room. Well-polished and easy to clean tiles are convenient and durable, but can be hard to heat in the winter unless you invest in some under-floor heating.

Whether you want the farmhouse feel to have a modern twist or a worn and rustic vibe, you needn’t avoid modern amenities. Contemporary range cookers come in a range of beautiful colours and are easier to use and maintain that the quintessential Aga. As for fixtures and fittings, you will have a great deal of choice from kitchen designers who have recreated an authentic country feel with modern appliances and fittings.  Consider a wooden surround for your cooker to hide the extractor and create a hearth like feel to your oven area.

Industrial Style


A great choice for a fresh, clean, and extremely modern feel. Industrial style kitchens can range from large and cool open-plan party spaces to 21st century homely affairs that balance both warmth and cutting edge design.

Poured concrete and stainless steel are both materials that need assembling well in order to look edgy instead of uninviting, but with enough thought they can come together in some amazing kitchen spaces that are extremely low maintenance, durable, and fun.

Once you have your basic kitchen infrastructure, finding the little details that come together to make an industrial style kitchen what it is, is surprisingly easy.  You will need to make time to trawl through skips, scan flea markets, and rake through rubbish to get the real gems that give your kitchen an original one-off feel. Vintage metal school chairs, mason jars, reclaimed wood, or cast-off scaffolding are all excellent materials to incorporate but if you find something a bit different, all the better. You’ll need to think outside the box for this one.

A place with so many harsh materials is notoriously hard to heat, while it may be tempting to bring in the old iron radiators (which will look fabulous) if you have a large kitchen, a second heat source will be absolutely necessary in the winter. Why spend so much time on a beautiful kitchen if it’s too cold to use?!

While the majority of your materials are likely to be silver, black, white or wood, it’s important to make the space look deliberate and not a miss-mash of collected items or a bland 4 walls of similar textures. Whether you do this with interesting and bright tiles and accent items, or by introducing a soft texture in your chairs, walls, or with a large rug, is up to you. Brown distressed leather tends to fall in really well with these design schemes while adding some warmth, softness, and comfort to the place. If your kitchen is an open plan space with a dining area, the importance of a soft chair will become apparent very quickly!

As for gadgets, fill your boots! There is room for all the high tech stuff in this kitchen. You make sure your choices are consistent and won’t make the kitchen look cluttered or cramped. The point of this style is a minimalistic and sleek effect, with well-placed objects to inject colour, personality, and quirk.

Bright natural light is always good, but artificial lighting works well in these kitchens too, from exposed light bulbs, to strip lighting, or creative hanging fixtures; you decide.

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