What Your lobby Says About You? (25 Examples)

Having an amazing entrance lobby design is beneficial in quite a number of ways, the energy it carries can be so inspiring that regardless of the bad moods and feelings you had before, all that can be wiped off just by the site of a well-decorated lobby. If there is an area that require quality investment then it is the lobby given the great impact a well-designed one can have on your life. Here are a hew examples you can sample out and get to understand what your lobby says about you and how you can make improvements.


Whenever a client visits your office, s/he makes the first impression of your company and your work by the appearance of the reception area. This impression is something that cannot be changed once made.  A dim and graceless interior with worn furniture which is uncomfortable and drab too, can underwhelm any potential customer or client and serve as thumbs down for you. This cluttered image of your lobby or reception area in the mind of your client can portray an image of a disorganized business. Your dirty and stained carpet can leave them with an impression of a company which either doesn’t care or can’t afford to maintain a clean waiting area.

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But a totally opposite image can be portrayed by an open and airy waiting room, with stylish and comfortable furniture and plenty of lighting. This leaves a positive impression of a successful company which cares about keeping the clients and business associates happy.

Although the basic elements that decide the look of your lobby are lighting, furniture and right decorations, but there are certain things that should be paid off some attention for decorating your lobby successfully.

Brand Recognition

As the lobby reflects the image of your company, it is important to increase the brand recognition by using a variety of tools. A person sitting in the waiting area keenly observes everything from your company’s logo to the notice board. So, you should try a tact that these things can act in your favour. The decoration of your lobby should essentially reflect a clear and unmistakable image of your company’s specific brand identity. You can consult a trade show display or event marketing company for this who are expert in their work. The work of these event marketing companies is to create bold, custom graphics, banner stands and other furnishings which bear your corporate logo and name of the brand or the tag line. You can make the decoration of your lobby more vibrant and powerful by adding the spark of custom graphics, oversized display boards and 3-D images. This can leave your lobby to work as a successful marketing strategy. Not only this, colourful furniture, paint and other interactive features can always add up to the overall impression and cohesive design of the lobby.

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Some Finishing Touches

With a stance to ratchet up the professionalism of your reception area by prominently displaying your business logo or name and displaying brochures in an attractive modular unit , consideration of other elements should be given equal importance. The cohesiveness of the area and your message can be reinforced by everything down to the finishes selected for the furniture. If your company is high tech, go for sleek, chrome accessories or industrial finishes. Whereas if your company produce natural cosmetics, softer materials and natural finishes(silk, cotton, sea grass wallpaper, etc) are the perfect choices.

For making the right kind of impression, it is important to play smart for choosing the talented and experienced event management professionals that can help you choose dynamic solutions that leave a lasting, positive impression of your organization. Some of the lobby designs ideas are below:

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lobby designs

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