25 Example Of Garage Designs

The garage is one of the places in the house that is mostly ignored with very little done to keep it in order. By organising your garage  with a little planning completed with step by step instructions, illustrations, and tips you will not only be able to free enough space sufficient for keeping other things, you will also be able to eliminate any form of crawling animals that may have made the garage their abode which is quite dangerous for people’s health. Locating spares, tools and other items in a garage that is well organised becomes much easier and effortless. The below examples of garage designs will equip you with valuable information on how you can transform the look of your garage.

You should research well and go through as many designs as possible before building a garage in your house. Today, we have come up with some ideas that can help you in planning your garage in an efficient way and can make the task of building a garage much easier. Below are some simple garage plans, have a look:


This simple garage plan is based on your requirement of storing as many cars you want. The basic design comprises of an overhead door that can allow access for parking the vehicles and a walk-in door for easy entry and exit. You can go for just one large overhead door that can cover two bays, like the most people do. Also, you can opt for car garage with two overhead doors in which a large door is meant for SUV’s, trucks, and other large vehicles while the smaller one is meant for subcompacts, compacts and other small sized vehicles. Separate door for each car is also an option. Depending upon your budget, preference and convenience, you can choose the most appropriate one for your house.


Being the owner of space and the vehicle, it is your wish to add as many features and accessories to your garage as you want. You can add a lot of variations when it comes to build a multifunctional garage.

garage ideas (22)


In this garage, you need to build tall ceilings that enables you to install the feature of car lift  if you are into servicing automobiles.

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This garage plan provided with large overhead doors on both sides, allows easy movement of large vehicles in and out of the garage.

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This garage plan is provided with stairs leading to a loft so that it may be used as storage space, office or even a spare bedroom.

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This garage depicts a new definition of multifunctional garage, where you can not only store your vehicles but also have a living space to stay.

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Typically provided with two floors, the ground floor is meant for parking vehicles and the first floor is meant for using as a workshop. You can make the best use of space by installing a folding table instead of a permanent work bench. This folding table is attached to the walls and has a special feature that it can be folded when not in use.

Magnificent Modern Style Overhead Design Garage Storage Ideas

Provided with deep, wide bays and tall ceilings, these garages are made to store RVs, trailers and boats safely. When a research work is done on these garage plans, a large assortment of options comes in knowledge to choose from. You can build the simplest garage to the most complex one by following such garage plans.

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So, the best plan is to go through all the available choices and select the best one that suits your needs and budget most appropriately. In this article, we have introduced you to the most popular garage plans. Also the pictures in the article are depicting the practical use of these ideas and can inspire you while planning your own garage. Some of the garage ideas are below:

garage ideas

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Charming Blue Wooden Style Adjustable Garage Shelving Ideas Prefab

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Awesome Building Garage Shelves Wooden Style Design Ideas

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