99 Examples of Beautifully Designed Small Bedrooms

If there is one place in the room that deserves keen attention and focus then it is the bedroom. Regardless of the size of your bedroom you can beautifully design it in a way that  gives you the desired comfort. A bedroom should be a place of relaxation and sleep and for it to be conducive, all the necessary aspects, from the decor, kind of lighting, beddings and colour combination should be done with focus on relaxation and comfort. Here are some examples of beautifully designed small bedrooms that you can check out for more insight.

No matter how large your home is; you can give a beautiful look to your bedroom that can sooth your eyes as well as your heart. With this article, we are introducing you to some different ideas for designing a beautiful bedroom in a small house. This huge collection of fabulously designed bedrooms can surely inspire you to redesign your own bedroom without taking much time or money.


By choosing bright colors and utilizing the natural light, this small bedroom is made to feel more open. The vaulted ceiling adds to this effect quite well also. The small, antique decorations add some interest and draw attention away from the less desirable aspects of the room.

Unpretentious small bedroom is wonderfully designed. Practical for those who like things nice room. Makes it different from your home. Wood design is quite good.

This unpretentious small bedroom is wonderfully designed. This would be very practical for those who don’t have much space, and need to use what they do have efficiently. The elevated design separates it from the rest of your home – while allowing you to use the space underneath for storage, or even another small room. The natural wood aesthetic is quite nice.


Here’s another example of using bright colors and light to make a small space feel larger. That will be a recurring theme when discussing small rooms, as it’s the easiest and most often used tactic in that regard. With this room, we also see the use of an accent wall to draw interest. Accent walls are usually a bright, contrasting color and (as is the case with this example) can include intricate designs to catch your attention even more so.


The designer of this bedroom took a very minimalist, almost industrial approach to the utilization of the space. The faux wood wallpaper is used as an accent wall again here, and when combined with the raised floor, the whole room is brought together. Everything else is kept very simple and clean, as to not clutter an already small room. The mixing of natural light and the industrial lamps is a nice touch, making the room feel very bright and a bit warmer – despite the otherwise industrial feel.


This is a very interesting example of a space efficient sleeping area. Neutral, warm color choices and the type of light filtering give this room a very soft and inviting feel. The metal frame for the raised bed detracts from this somewhat, but was probably intended as a contrast piece. It also creates the illusion of a secluded sitting area, which can be desirable. That mattress doesn’t look all that comfortable though, I will say.


What better way to make a small space feel larger that to have it open directly to the outside world? The room itself may be small – but with the vaulted ceilings, a wall full of windows and a large sliding door, it probably doesn’t feel cramped at all. It’s very minimalist again, as far as decorations go, but having the red throw blanket on the bed adds just enough color to make it interesting.


This bedroom has a nice mix of traditional and modern design elements. Again we see the use of light walls and natural light, along with splashes of color to make an otherwise small room feel comfortable. If one were to paint the walls a dark color or overuse window coverings such as drapes or blinds, this room could quickly become a claustrophobic, tiny feeling space.


Here is a very nice example of modern interior design. Every part of the space seems to be used efficiently – from the drawers under the bed to the separated book shelves on the wall and the almost ceiling-height wardrobe. The combination of white and off-white colors works very well as a color scheme in a room this size. It adds depth without making it seem too dark.


This is a gorgeous bedroom with some interesting design elements that accentuate the best attribute of the room – the high ceilings! The first thing that draws your eyes up is the very tall headboard. It seems like it may go all the way to the ceiling, but by using white quilted fabric for the face of it, it does’t overpower the other important features of the room – as it might if it were a very bright color or much darker than the walls. The second feature that both makes use of the high ceiling and accentuates it, is the tall set of windows. Functional and beautiful, windows can make a huge difference in the feel of any room.


This room also uses lots of white to make the room feel bigger, and like others, there are some splashes of color to make it more interesting. Something new with this room, however, is the utilization of different textures to add depth. Both the blanket at the head of the bed of the bed, with yarn-like tassels, and the fur blanket in the upper area contrast the more normal textures well.


Here again, we see the use of high ceilings along with some high windows to let in that all-important light. This room has a very light, mostly modern feel – but also throws in some antique flair with the wooden chair and the feather duster.


Sometimes dark colors can work in a small room – as long as some other design elements are kept in mind. The border at the top of the wall in this room tricks the eye into thinking that the ceiling is larger than it really is. The group of pictures with the large white backgrounds also help to brighten the space, but I still would have used some lighter paint or different flooring to make it feel less cluttered.


I imagine a studio like this being in an old New York industrial building. The whitewashed brick and the interesting floor covering adds some texture to the otherwise clean and minimalist aesthetic.


Almost a polar opposite of the last bedroom; this one is full of warm and natural design elements. The wood and stone compliment each other nicely, and the windows let in a lot of natural light to make the space feel even more open.


Using high-contrast patterns is a great way to make this very small bedroom much more interesting. The white walls and large window keep the busy patterns from making the room feel smaller than it already is.


Personally I would have included a bit more color in this design, but they definitely succeeded in opening up the room.


The very colorful patterns in this room work together to make it feel brighter. With the bed being so large, it’s definitely meant to be the focal point of the bedroom – as it should be.


A small attic room like this can be very challenging. If you don’t try to fit more into the room than the space allows, it can still be an inviting part of your home.


The use of natural light again here, and the abundance of plants makes this an intriguing space. If you go too far with the house plants though, it might feel like you’re sleeping in a greenhouse.


If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a porch in the open air, this is the bedroom for you! This looks like a room from 100 years ago – choosing a strong theme such as this is a great way to make the room more interesting and draw attention away from the size.


As this bedroom shows, all it takes is some wallpaper to add some interest to your living space.


A low, slanted ceiling like this can pose a problem in trying to make a space inviting. By not overfilling the room with furniture, you can still have a pleasant bedroom that isn’t too cramped.


An unused door can serve as an interesting design element – and can be re-purposed into a creative bookshelf. This is also another example of not trying to fit too much into a small room. A queen-sized bed may technically fit in here, but by using a smaller bed it still feels like a room rather than a closet.


I especially like the exposed brick in this bedroom. It adds texture and some color to this efficient-looking space.


Adding some lights like this is a great way to brighten up a smaller room.


Skylights are a fantastic way to let in natural light, and with this room it draws attention away from the low ceiling. Having the bed positioned underneath, you would have the pleasure of sleeping under the stars and waking up to blue skies!


The bold rug in this room adds some more texture to the otherwise blank bedroom. White walls can make a space feel larger, but if it seems too boring you can do something like this to make it more engaging.


The large splash of color really helps to brighten this bedroom, and gives it a happy feel.


I really like the use of space in this room. Usually you would see the space under stairs used for a closet, or even go completely unused – but by utilizing it as a sleeping area, it leaves the rest of the room open to do as you please. It also looks very cozy.


Here is a fantastic use of contrast in a small bedroom. The copper tones around the window compliment the rich wood of the desk, and makes for a very impressive design.


Another very clean, white room using splashes of color to break up the otherwise sterile feel.


Lots of color was used in this room to make it feel bright and fun. Going with white instead of black for the furniture would have helped even more, but it is still a nice design.

Stunning Grey Paint Colors for Small Bedrooms Interior Equipped with Wooden Flooring Unit Finished with City View and Grey Wall

The stunning grey paint color is a nice alternative to white, as it’s not too dark and compliments the rest of the room well. Small, narrow rooms are particularly challenging, but as long as you don’t try to fit too much into the room it can still feel open.


Lots of light and a contrasting color scheme make this room very inviting.


Bunk beds are a great way to make use of smaller spaces. The color choices make it feel very tidy as well as more spacious.


Like the last bedroom, this one uses bunk beds to make more use of a small space. With this design though, a more colorful palette was chosen.


If you choose a busy wallpaper such as this, I would suggest putting it on only one wall as an accent. Doing that, it would add some texture and interest to the room without being overpowering.


This bedroom is simple, but is still very warm and inviting. the colors compliment the natural wood very well, without making the room feel any smaller.


With the architecture of this bedroom, you don’t need to do much to make the space interesting! Although the room as a whole is technically on the small side, the huge window makes it so you wouldn’t even notice the lower ceiling.


This bedroom has a very elegant feel, which is slightly contrasted by the bare brick and natural wood accents.


Very different from the last bedroom, this one uses a rustic style that makes it feel cozy and lived-in. Adding even a small mirror to a smaller room can give it the illusion of being larger.


With high ceilings and gorgeous huge windows, this bedroom is made to feel very open and airy. The white, neutral color scheme also adds to the effect.


Another example of using light grey in place of white to make this very small room not feel so cramped. You’ll also notice that a smaller bed was used, instead of trying to fit too much furniture into a small space.


A sleeping loft is a great way to add more usable space to your home. The bold patterns and large windows really give this room a nice feel.


Pastel colors are another great way to keep a room feeling bright without going to the extreme of all white walls. Adding an accent like the tree stencil makes for an interesting focal point.


Darker, natural colors can also be used as an accent. You do need to be careful to not overpower the rest of the room, but in this example it compliments everything very nicely.

small bedroom ideas (17)
Using art pieces is a great way to add a focal point to a bedroom, and st the same time draw attention away from the small size. Even art can be overdone though, as covering every wall in artwork could make the room feel even smaller.

Here is an interesting idea for an accent wall. It brightens the room as well as being educational. The use of lighter wood for the built in furniture also helps with a room this size.

 small bedroom ideas (21)

Again, mirrors are a great way to make a small bedroom feel huge. And the larger the mirror, the more effect it will have. Even with the large, dark headboard – this room still feels bigger.

small bedroom ideas (23)
The art piece in this room already acts as a focal point – but by using selective lighting, that focal point is enhanced and expanded to include the beautifully simple bed.

The subtle symmetry in this bedroom uses the low, vaulted ceiling to its advantage and accentuates the skylights. The thin and vertical foot- and head-boards also give the illusion of a taller ceiling.

small bedroom ideas (13)

Even in an industrial studio apartment, you can make your living space beautiful and unique. Many space-saving tricks have been used here to maximize the available space. Hanging chairs on the wall makes for an interesting look, and keeps them out of the way when not in use. They can even be used as shelves while hanging!

small bedroom ideas (16)

A built-in storage solution like this can be a great way to make use of all available space in a smaller bedroom. With something that big though, you will probably want to stick to a light natural wood or a bright color for it. Otherwise it might make the room feel smaller.

small bedroom ideas (22)

Dark colors for your walls can look nice, even in a slightly smaller room. But if you do choose something like this, you will have to make sure to include some other means of artificially expanding the room. Here you see that there are enough windows to let some sunlight in, and light, airy curtains were used. The large mirror also helps to make the bedroom feel larger than it really is.


Apparently art doesn’t have to be colorful. Large, blank canvases are used here to offset the slightly darker walls. The natural wood is a nice medium tone that compliments the walls also.

small bedroom ideas (20)

Even a small bedroom can feel elegant with the right touch. The fine woodwork on the built-in storage in this room gives it a refined aesthetic. You’ll also note that lots of white and cream colors were used to brighten and soften the room at the same time.

small bedroom ideas (19)

Without the large window, this attic bedroom would feel very small indeed. The use of bright colors and minimal furniture helps also.

small bedroom ideas (14)

Another example of using slightly darker colors, this room manages to still feel open and inviting. Utilizing natural light and adding white accents helps to counteract and compliment the grey, respectively.

small bedroom ideas (15)

The rich, red wood of the bed platform in this room make it feel very warm and elegant.

Small Room Loft Design Ideas by L. McComber Architects

This sleeping loft has a very modern and unique look. This is a great way to practically double your available living space in a small home, and make it more interesting at the same time.

small bedroom ideas (11)

I really like this idea of having a floor full of cushions, and it makes the room seem so inviting. The sliding frosted glass door is an ingenious way to allow light in from the rest of the house while maintaining privacy.

small bedroom ideas (10)

The orange hues in this bedroom’s color scheme add a nice amount of brightness and warmth. With the design of the furniture, there’s plenty of storage without sacrificing much floor space – which is very important when you’re working with a small room.

small bedroom ideas (9)

The dark accent wall used here is a great example of how colors and light can be contrasted and balanced to tie a room together. The white of the ceiling, wall and bedspread counter the accent wall to create an interesting space. Combined with the abundance of natural light, this bedroom is beautiful despite being small.

small bedroom ideas (5)

Stack-able beds are a good way to save space in a small room, much like bunk beds. Coordinating the colors throughout the room is done very well here, and makes it obvious that some planning was involved.

small bedroom ideas (6)

As long as they’re not overused; bright, bold colors will help a small room feel brighter and more inviting. Coordination can be very important also. In this bedroom, the purple blanket compliments the rug and the artwork above the bed, while the red blanket matches the pillows and the curtain. Also make note of the large mirror and transparent closet doors used to enlarge the space.

small bedroom ideas (7)

While this room is small, the light colors and natural sunlight light help it to feel somewhat larger.

small bedroom ideas (8)

The splashes of yellow in this wonderful looking bedroom make it feel more sunny and bright, while the cream colors give it a soft and welcoming feel.

small bedroom ideas (4)

This is a fantastic example of using mirrors to make a room seem much larger! The huge mirror is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling to make it seem like the room is twice as big. Going a step further, the mirror behind the bed carries on the theme and makes this bedroom feel even more spacious.

small bedroom ideas (3)

For decorating a small bedroom beautifully, one needs to plan a clever layout. One should go through as many designs as possible so that you are able to analyze the details and configuration thoroughly for decorating your dream bedroom.

small bedroom ideas (2)

There are simple tips that you should apply so that your small space may appear to be larger. Smart planning can give a fantastic look to your small bedroom, making you seem like an expert interior designer. Some basic things to keep in mind while planning are listed below:

  1. The use of light colors for painting the walls is recommended rather than going for dark hues. This is because light colors enhance the feeling of the space making your bedroom look larger.
  2. Most people commit the common mistake of choosing a large bed that takes up most of the space. It is suggested to reduce the size of the bed while planning and go for the practical furniture accessories to fill the room. Less is sometimes more.
  3. Bringing mirrors in your bedroom can make the small space seem much larger.
  4. Consider all of your options before choosing the colors and textures for your bedroom.
  5. Make your bedroom as cozy and functional as possible by following these planning tips.

small bedroom ideas (1)

You can also hire a professional designer who can perform all the design work well and bring the best out of your existing space. Before hiring anyone, pay attention to the reputation of the person and their past work. You can take the advice of people for whom he has worked before.

small bedroom ideas

Thanks for visiting this blog and our website. We hope that you enjoyed the visit and promise to keep bringing you new and interesting ideas that will help you in designing your dream house. We would love to know your opinions about the post, so feel free to comment below. You are also more than welcome to share your ideas and experiences related to interior design with us.

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