20 Beautiful Home Décor Fireplace Ideas

How you design the fireplace can either enhance the overall outlook of your home or make it dent on the image of your home. For a beautiful home fireplace, you require tips and ideas that can make the place look more inviting and warm to be around.  Fireplace can be used as a focal point in the room with other features like the TV stand used around it for a more enhanced view of the room. The beautiful home decor fireplace ideas shared here will help you give your fireplace such a fascinating touch that enhances the general outlook of all things in the house.

Paint Your Fireplace

Does that old fashioned brick or that rustic wood mantle make you feel like Old MacDonald coming home from the farm every day? If this is the case, an instant yet inexpensive way to modernize your fireplace décor is with a coat of paint. Many homeowners are afraid to paint brick, stone or wood. You may worry it’ll decrease the value or that covering up the original ‘natural beauty’ is just wrong. But what good is living with something that you hate?

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Ditch the Mantle

Fireplace mantel décor is a big deal for homeowners, but if you really want to make a statement—ditch it! Your fireplace can look sleek and modern without it.

De-clutter Your Corner

The no-mantle approach works great with oddly placed fireplaces, such as caddy-corner models. Too much clutter around the fireplace can make it look like a junk corner. Going totally minimalist makes an impact that collections of stuff never could.

Tile It

If you’re refinishing your fireplace, go with something eye-catching and classy, such as floor-to-ceiling polished granite or shimmery iridescent glass tiles. If you pick gorgeous materials, you won’t even need anything else.

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Reflect on This

Hang a large mirror or painting. This minimalist approach gives a clean, contemporary flair to your fireplace decor.

Nestle it In

Built-in shelves and cabinetry around your fireplace is a wonderful way to give the entire wall a cohesive, harmonious look. Your fireplace becomes the star attraction among its supporting cast.

Flank It

Built-ins are not always possible, but you can still give the illusion of built-ins, or at least bring the same sense of balance. Flank your fireplace with large, matching storage pieces– entertainment centers, curio cabinets or book cases. You can also install simple floating shelves to display your photos, books and collections.

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Match it Up

Matchy-matchy is not as in style as it used to be, but in this case matching pays. If you have windows on either side of your fireplace, matching window treatments from floor to ceiling will give the fireplace in between prominence, like the lead singer on stage between the backup singers.

Provide Seating

If seating is a problem, use matching benches with some attractive similar artwork on either side of the fireplace. Make sure it’s visually balanced — whatever you do to one side, do to the other.

Illuminate Non-Functioning Fireplaces

So your fireplace isn’t functional, huh? That happens—but it doesn’t mean you need to go without the beauty and allure of an open flame. Candles are a common solution, as they’ll give you your touch of fire.

Make it Wow

Put a mirror in your non-functioning fireplace behind candles. Double the flames, double the wow factor.

Fill the Niche

Never let a fireplace sit empty, though. Use fireplace decorating ideas to get creative with the inside space. A vase, basket of flowers, house plants, wine rack, sculpture, collection— any of these would work inside an empty fireplace.

Display your Collections

Convert it into a storage display– line up your big, hard-cover travel books or your 1970’s vintage classic rock vinyl album collection.

Modernize It with Electronics

Inside the empty fireplace is a great place for electronics, too. Put a television inside of it, and it keeps the TV dominating. Draw the eye up when the TV is off by decorating the mantle or hanging artwork above the fireplace, and the TV just fades into the background. When you do want that fire all you have to do is put on one of those burning log videos. You won’t even have to clean up any soot!

Go With Tradition

A traditional fireplace can be exquisite if that’s your decorating style. If Victorian, Edwardian or King Louis the XIV style furnishings and an air of formality are more up your alley, then don’t fight the feeling— go with the traditional fireplace décor. Large, heavy wooden facades are what you want to find. Look for something in line with the decorating period you’re going for. Generally, traditional fireplaces incorporate ornate, richly polished wood in medium to dark shades. Visit an antiques dealer– you may find decorative fireplaces with inlays, arches, fenders and grates and intricate tile designs, all reminiscent of a time gone by.

Get Fancy

Not everyone wants such a casual room. A stately mantel will be the perfect place for you to display your antiques. Look for something with molding and carvings that bring out the beauty in your fireplace. The traditional hearth a warm yet impressive place to gather with friends on cold winter nights.

Rustic It Up

If you love rustic or country décor, don’t dress up your fireplace—dress it down. Distress the bricks with a sand blaster and hang an unfinished split log mantle.

Go With the Unexpected

Find traditional cast iron fireplaces, which can be an eye-catcher. Metal workers can now make quite ornate showpieces.

Create a Faux Fireplace

Installing a real fireplace is expensive, if it’s even possible in your home. But if you can’t pull off that particular remodeling job, don’t despair—you can still have the great looking fireplace for the focal point of your room by creating a faux fireplace.

Lay down a tiled board or large flagstones for a hearth. Hang a mantle, and incorporate your favorite fireplace decorating ideas to create your dream room. A little effort can produce a realistic looking fireplace.

Make an Abstract Fireplace

You don’t even have to be so literal with faux fireplace ideas– take a more abstract, creative approach. Affix a square of wooden molding to the wall right where your imaginary fireplace would go. Paint what would be the inside of the fireplace. Perhaps set out some candles or put an electric glowing log set there. Place a vase with flowers on the floor in front of it, or a footstool with a stack of books. Hang a shelf above it to mimic a mantle. Creative fireplace ideas are abundant when you think outside the box.

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