30 Cool Bathroom Design Ideas

The days when bathrooms were just treated as a place to enter take a bath and live are long gone as the designs continue to evolve so are the functions of a modern bathroom. Apart from bathing, it can be used to store some of the items like towels, rags and any other thing deemed fit. An attractive bathroom is not only convenient but also improves the overall value of the home. For more of the cool bathroom design ideas, you can continue below and get insight on some inspirational cool bathroom tips you can implement.


The basic features that you should consider while designing your bathroom are:-


Usually, bathrooms are given the least importance for interior lighting unlike living room or kitchen. Most of the times, a single ceiling fixture is supposed to do it all. But it is important to give a thought to proper illumination of bathroom as it is a place where you start and end your day.


The two basic points to remember for lighting plan of a bathroom are- sufficient light for showers, shaving and make-up & other lights to enhance the mood of the room.


Most of the times, people commit a mistake by putting recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror. Due to this, shadows are cast on the face making it difficult for you to make grooming rituals. Vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror are the solution for this problem as they cast an even light across the face.



Ambient lighting is basically a “fill-in” light which serves as a substitute for natural light. Often, a central fixture supplies this light through a surface-mounted ceiling light. But you can add your creativity to this such as pendant lamp or chandelier or cove lighting to give a soft glow around the perimeter of room.

Astonishing Orange Small Bathroom Ideas White Water Closet and Washbasin Unique Lamp


Accent lighting is a layer of light which enhances the interior and mood of the room. For this, you can use a small recessed spotlight directed at a piece of decorative art or a beautiful powder room basin. In the same way, a recessed shower fixture can be placed at an angle to highlight the beautiful tile work.



Giving attention towards aesthetics does not diminish the importance of safety. The two most lethal companions i.e. water and electricity are closest in the bathroom, so you have to ensure complete safety there. Consulting a certified electrician for every lighting is necessary.



Tiles play a king role in the interiors of a bathroom. They can not only enhance the look of room but also the feel of the room. The right kind of tiles can also make your bathroom look larger in size. The different colours and textures  of tiles can create the most desirable ambience in your bathroom. But due to the availability of a great variety of designs in tiles, it becomes difficult to choose the most appropriate one. You can consult an interior designer for getting a good advice on this issue and also consider your choice of color and texture for the correct selection.



Depending upon your budget and luxuries you want in your bathroom, you can choose the interior design of your bathroom. The interiors of bathroom can make your bathroom appear as larger and refreshing.  Here, we have come up with a large collection of interior designs of the most luxurious and beautiful bathrooms.

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bathroom ideas

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