30 Kids Bathroom Ideas that Will Make Your Kids Love to Get Clean

Sharing the bathroom with kids can in some way hinder them from learning early how they can be responsible for some of the mistakes they make. Kids are often prone to not bothering the toiletry mistakes they make and as you share places like the bathroom with them, they tend to have the opinion that their mess will always be cleaned so they don’t have to bother about getting clean. If you find some of the kids behaviour bothersome then it is important to make use of kids bathroom ideas that will make your kids love to get clean and the good thing is that if they can incorporate the ideas at a young age then they will grow up as clean and responsible kids.

Why designing a kid’s bathroom you should consider many things such as the size of the bathroom, the ages of your children and their favorite colors, characters and designs to make the kids’ bathroom a space that they will enjoy getting ready in.

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Choose a Theme They Will Love

If you want to create a kid’s bathroom that they are sure to love then you will want to enlist their help in choosing a theme for your bathroom design. You can choose a character theme such as their favorite cartoon or Disney character or you can simply choose a general theme such as an animal theme, beach theme, circus theme, dinosaur theme or any other type of theme that sits the personality and taste of your child. If you have multiple children with different likes and interests, then it may be best to choose a theme yourself that incorporates things that all of your children are sure to love.

sleek modren kids bathroom idea

Kid Friendly Materials

We all know that kids can be hard on their things, so make sure that you choose kids bathroom materials that are strong, durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of kids. One great choice for flooring, counters and shower surround tiles are natural stone such as Travertine which will take a beating and maintain its beauty with a little regular cleaning an annual sealing. You should also choose fixtures, accessories and decorations that are kid friendly and able to withstand a little wear and tear.


Colorful & Creative

When designing a space for kids, it should be clear in the finished product that this space is for children. Choose a whimsy design that incorporates lots of fun design elements and bright colors that they are sure to love. When kids love their bathroom space they will be far les likely to give you trouble t bath time; in fact, you may even have to limit their time in their new bathroom because they will want to stay in their new bathroom all the time. If you want a classic fun and festive look choose a variety of solid primary colors for walls, rugs and accessories for a bright and fun bathroom kids will love.

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Make Sure it is Safe

When coming up with ids bathroom ideas, it is important that you keep safety in mind in everything you do. For any childrens space you should think about every way that you can make it safe for your little ones. Choose a sturdy step stool and add non-slip grip to ensure little ones stay safe and sound. Another great addition for safety is grab bars which can easily be installed into the bathtub or shower to help little ones keep their balance and give them something to hold on to in order to prevent falls. Non-slip mats are another great addition to any kids’ bathroom ideas which will keep little ones feet firmly planted on slippery surfaces.


Easy Storage Solutions

When designing a bathroom for kids you want to make sure that it is nicely organized so that your kids can do their part to keep it clean and tidy. The addition of storage baskets and bins, hooks and floating shelves are all great ways to provide a place for everything. If you want to simplify the cleanup process for your kids use a label maker to clearly mark where everything goes. If you have young children that are not yet able to read, labeling baskets and bins with pictures of the items that go within is a great way to teach them to be tidy from an early age.


No Need to Spend a Fortune

When coming up with kids’ bathroom ideas for accessories, there is no need to spend a fortune. While you could spend a lot on accessories, your kids will be more than happy with anything you choose. Simple brightly colored rugs, towels, toiletries and shower curtain are often enough to transform any bathroom into paradise for children. If you really want to add a personal touch consider adding personalized towels and accessories to provide ids with a personal touch that they are sure to appreciate.


Keep the Age of Your Children in Mind

If you have older children then you will want to keep the design fun, fresh and simple so that your kids’ bathroom can easily grow with your child. If you have a pre-teen or teen then adding fun and funky accessories and patterns are a great way to create a space that makes them feel right at home. Choose bright and fun colored towels, rugs, shower curtain and accessories that can easily be changed out to grow with your child as their taste changes. By doing this, you can easily update your kids bathroom ideas with new more age appropriate ideas as they quickly grow.


Kid Level Artwork & Accessories

When creating kids bathroom ideas, you want to keep in mind that this bathroom is for children so artwork, hooks and other hanging accessories and storage need to be placed at a kid friendly height. Hang artwork at the eye level of your children and make sure that your kids are easily able to reach hooks, storage baskets and containers to easily pick up after themselves and keep things neat and tidy. Many parents make the mistake of hanging items at their level, which makes it hard for children to access all of the features of their new kid friendly bathroom.

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