20 Practical & Pretty Powder Room Decorating Ideas

Saying yes for a guest to use a powder room can be done halfheartedly and is likely to leave you with a feeling of shame and regret especially if it is left in bad shape. To avoid those small embarrassments after working so hard to make your home look exclusively fascinating, you can use style; colour ideas with new fixtures to turn this room into a whimsical show-off, a place you are proud to show your guests. Get pretty powder room decorating ideas below for a modern looking, remodel of your powder room.

Maybe you’re prepared to rip everything out of your powder room and remodel it from scratch, or perhaps you just want to add a few embellishments and details to a room that’s already working well in your place. Regardless, check out these twenty pieces of inspiration for ideas that will make your powder room the most beautiful space in your pad!


Not only do vertical black and white stripes make the room seem larger than it actually is, they contrast with the brilliant gold fixtures in the room, causing them to stand out on their own.

powder-room ideas

Ditch the basic white sink and replace it with a vintage vanity or dresser topped with a round vessel bowl sink for a one-of-a-kind look.


Get in touch with your creative side by making your own collaged wall art using old clippings from magazines and newspapers of your choosing. While the steam from a shower could damage your design in a traditional bathroom, the artistic flair is ideal for a powder room because it typically only contains a toilet and a sink.


Because a powder room is typically a very small space, it’s often difficult to know how to fit both essentials, such as soaps and towels, and pieces of décor. Install shelving behind the toilet to make the most of a tiny area while still paying attention to detail and providing amenities for guests.

powder room design ideas

If you’re in serious need of extra storage space in your powder room but don’t want to take on such a strenuous project as permanently installing shelving, take an easier route with results that are just as appealing to the eye. Repurpose wooden crates found at a craft store or an antique shop and attach them to the wall using sturdy shelving mounts.

powder room decorating ideas

If you’re looking for a powder room with fabulously feminine appeal, opt for blush pink embellishments against a gray and white wall. Because the pink flowers and wall art are in clear acrylic frames and containers, they stand out against the muted shades in the rest of the powder room.

mason jar light

Mason jar light fixtures over the sink are a budget-friendly, vintage-inspired alternative to traditional lighting that will elicit tons of compliments from guests!


If the rest of your home has a rustic, woodsy ambiance, make sure that the vibe continues in your powder room. Swap out a traditional sink for a stone table topped with a cast iron vessel sink that’s reminiscent of an old-fashioned skillet. Instead of boring whitewashed walls, mount distressed wood panels against a concrete base.


Because a powder room is short on space, it’s important to make the most of every wall to add flair to the area. Melissa of the decorating blog The Inspired Room coated her powder room’s walls in a fresh, clean shade of green and repurposed old frames to add pizazz.

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Not only do these little vanity cabinets add ornate detail and a touch of luxury to this powder room’s aesthetic, they are also a discreet source of extra storage space. Use them to store unsightly powder room essentials like toilet paper or toiletries.


Most designers would argue that a powder room or bathroom should be outfitted with walls in neutral or bright hues to visually widen the space and give it a clean, fresh feel. With that said, we’re in love with the matte black walls in this powder room. The bright light fixtures, stark white toilet and sink, and vibrant pieces of wall art contrast with the dark floors and walls to create an appealingly modern ambiance.


The thick black lines of this unique mirror’s frame add a punch of boldness to the room’s overall design.

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Mirrored subway tiles create dimension in this extremely small powder room, creating an optical illusion that makes it seem much larger than it actually is.


Another fantastic notion from The Inspired Room, fresh blooms hung in metal pails is more practical than cramming fresh flowers onto an already tiny sink or atop an itty-bitty toilet seat tank.


Just because a powder room is limited in area doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on decorating details. Whether it’s made of ornate glass or metallic shells (like this one), a chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds dramatic décor without taking up precious space.

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You wouldn’t be afraid to commit to a theme in any other room of your house, so why spare the powder room? While this ocean-themed powder room, complete with fixtures made entirely of real seashells, would look incredible in a beach home, it would also work well in any ordinary suburban pad.


If a powder room overhaul is too much of an undertaking for you at this time, consider investing in a statement rug in an eclectic pattern or shade. It may require virtually no time or work on your part, but it will change the entire look of the space!


Instead of coating your walls in one solid shade, consider giving stencils a try. We love how the light plays off these stenciled squares, which were painted with a shimmery silver paint that sets them apart from a matte gray background.

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The walls of a powder room provide the perfect canvas for anyone with artistic flair to unleash his or her creativity. Instead of papering the walls, get in touch with your imaginative side and paint a unique mural. If you don’t have faith in your skills but adore the idea, you could also purchase large wall decals to achieve a similar look.


Instead of playing with color using paints, line the lower portion of your walls with vibrant tiles. With a seemingly infinite number of possibilities available to order online, you’ll have a difficult time selecting just one design to use in your powder room!

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