20 Ideas for “Picture Perfect” Family Photos

Family photos do not only remind us of the memorable moments spent as a family, it also creates memories of the process of growth of our dear family members which can be quite fascinating. To make the family photos more exciting when viewed later, you need photography ideas that you can take advantage of to be able to take the perfect pictures you will not be shy of years later. Get some picture perfect family photo ideas here and get to make each family shot valuable and packed with memorable feelings.

Whether you’re a photographer looking for more ideas to put in his arsenal, or you’re hoping to have a family portrait of your own taken soon, there are many options and ideas to toss around before the day of your photo shoot arrives. Take into consideration the following twenty ideas for “picture perfect” family photos, and we can assure you that you won’t be sorry!

family picture ideas

This playful photo showcases the personalities of individual family members while also highlighting how they are connected to each other. Photographer Stuart McIntyre executed this idea by taking individual shots in one cardboard box and piecing the photographs together using editing software.

Source: Photo Nottingham


This generational photo features the hands of a baby, her mother, and grandmother. The same concept could be put into motion with the hands of a mother, father, and their children.

Source: Kalos Photography

family photo ideas

Instead of asking a group of cousins or siblings to pose in a stuffy studio, reveal their personalities on film by photographing them standing against a fence. To allow individual personalities to shine, allow each child to choose how he would like to pose rather than specifically arranging the kids according to your liking.

Source: Vladimir Vdovin



Photograph Mom and Dad sitting back-to-back, with each parent holding one child, for the perfect shot of a family of four.

Source: Anna Hollister


Seat the kids in the middle and ask Mom and Dad to each hold one side of a decorative frame to showcase their beautiful, “picture perfect” children.

Source: Dominic Lemoine Photography


Ideal for using with blended families being united at a wedding ceremony, this idea can be put into practice by handing a photo frame to the kids and positioning the frame so it’s perfectly centered on their kissing parents!

Source: Brooke LeTourneau Photography


Hilarious props aren’t just for comedians and clowns. This pose is perfect for families of all ages and types, as long as they have a fantastic sense of humor.

Source: Mebo Photos


Best for families that want to keep the focus of their portrait on the kids, this photo also reminds anyone who views it of Mom and Dad’s constant presence in their children’s lives.

Source: Jean Smith Photography


The most spectacular photos are those that capture the spirit of a family and the individual personalities that compose it. While studio and on-location photographs can be beautiful, this in-home shot captures the simplicity of this family’s everyday life.

Source: Jinky Art Photography


The contrast between the lovely bedding and the battered old pick-up truck provides a beautiful backdrop for this outdoor family photo with a rural, country vibe.

Source: The Savvy Photographer


This stunning photograph highlights the idea that family life is an epic adventure, with Mom and Dad leading the way and the entire family staying connected throughout life’s journeys.

Source: Simplicity Photography

Davenport Iowa Family Photography

Even though kids feel more secure when they know their parents love each other, let’s face it: Most kids are totally grossed out when their parents display even the slightest form of PDA! A hilariously adorable idea is to ask the parents to kiss in the background while the kids make “yucky faces” or even cover their eyes.

Source: Kristin Geerts Photography


A ladder arrangement is a great idea for photographing large groups of children, such as cousins. Smaller families can also achieve a similar look by situating one parent on each side of the base and posing the children towards the top of the ladder.

Source: Carrie Sandoval


The family that reads comics together stays together! Okay, maybe that’s not the way the age-old saying goes, but we still think it’s true. Make this concept your own by having each family member dress up as his favorite superhero just for the photo shoot!

Source: Photography by Susie


While this photo idea is a great one for families that enjoy hunting, it’s also ideal for those who just want to show off some attitude in their professional photo shoot!

Source: Amie Harris


If you took an awesome family photo when your kids were young, you may feel as though it’s impossible to ever top it with a better one. Think again. Have each family member pose in the same manner in which he cheesed it up years ago, and then use editing software to place the images side by side to achieve an adorable result.

Source: The Meta Picture


Amidst more formal shots, toss in a photo that pokes fun at both your family and at society in general. This funny photo puts the spotlight on the serious addiction to technology that so many of us have!

Source: Lucero Photography


There’s no place more intimate and personal than your bed, so pile the whole family in and use it as the perfect photography backdrop. If you aren’t comfortable inviting a photographer into your home but like the premise of this shot, you could recreate the look in a professional studio instead.

Source: Peta Maze Photography


There is an immense amount of beauty in simplicity, which is why this photo with such a basic premise is absolutely extraordinary. Keep the props at a minimum to make the photo look realistic and natural, as though the photographer just stumbled across this precious moment.

Source: Annie Tao Photography


It can be difficult to know how to effectively capture larger families on film without making the photo look either cramped or unbalanced. The key is in breaking the individuals up so you don’t have to worry about such issues! A natural backdrop like this tree is perfect for such a large group.

Source: Life in Moments Photography

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