20 Minion Party Ideas for Despicable Me Fans

From decorations, costumes, food ideas, party ideas and games despicable me fans can get accessed to great ideas that can make their minion party memorable and worth every time spent for its preparation. There is some kind of obsession worldwide by the record-breaking despicable me movie fans and the best way to identify as a fan is be well equipped with minion party ideas for despicable me fans that you can use to spice up your even making it more exciting and eclectic

Before you shell out gobs of cash for official movie merchandise or commit to the same old party games you’ve been playing for years, check out these twenty innovative ideas to make your Minion party anything but despicable!

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It’s important for little Minion lovers to stay hydrated, especially during a party! Fill a clear beverage dispenser like this one with lemonade and plenty of ice to keep drinks cold throughout the day. Print or draw a pair of Minion goggles, cut them out, and attach to the front of the container to make it look like a Minion face. Serving drinks in yellow disposable cups adorned with a similar design adds a touch of cuteness!

despicable me party ideas

Another innovative beverage idea is to fill plastic beakers with a blue beverage, such as Berry Blue Kool-Aid, and label each drink as an “Anti-Gravity Serum” with a handmade tag. Decorative straws in a shade of Minion-esque yellow can prevent messes by making it easier for little ones to sip the special “serum”!


A kids’ celebration isn’t complete without fun party games, and bowling is the perfect activity for any type of bash. Make your bowling pins Minion-themed by painting empty 2-liter soda containers with blue and yellow paint and pasting Minion faces that were printed from your computer onto the front of each one. While any plastic ball will function well as an official bowling ball, you could take the idea even further by using a yellow ball and drawing a Minion face onto it!

cookie robots

Dr. Nefario’s Cookie Robots may be “bad guys” in Despicable Me, but they’re guaranteed to be a hit with everyone at your Minion-themed party. The creative blog Obsessively Stitching features this fun activity in which each party guest is given a cookie, pretzel sticks, and candy toppings to create a deliciously edible Cookie Robot for himself.


Fill yellow bags with party favors and hand out to guests as they leave the party! Decorate them ahead of time by pasting or drawing Minion faces onto them, or make an activity out of it by letting young partygoers decorate their bags themselves.


Event planner and mommy Tia of the blog Events to Celebrate recently shared her idea of giving each guest a pair of foam Minion goggles upon arrival to the party and providing embellishments like sticker-backed stars so the kids could decorate them and wear them throughout the event. At some point during the party, line up all of the kids in their Minion goggles and snap a photo the birthday boy or girl will cherish forever!


If you’ve been to a wedding or big bash in the past couple of years, chances are that you and your friends have posed with props and snapped a shot together in a photo booth. Take the concept and make it Minion-friendly by rounding up some of your child’s favorite Despicable Me toys and letting kids pose by a fun backdrop. A family friend can act as the official photographer, and your child could include each guest’s photo in an envelope with a thank you card sent after the party!

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Not only would these Minion bubble containers make budget-friendly prizes or party favors, little ones will love using them during the party as they munch on treats and watch the birthday boy or girl unwrap presents! Depending on your level of artistic skill, you could either draw a Minion figure on each yellow bottle of bubbles, or you could simply print out pictures of Minions and paste one on each bottle.


Ditch the overused party game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but use it as inspiration for something incredible! Julie of the parenting blog Happy Home Fairy created a hit party game by drawing a Minion onto a large piece of poster board and hosted a fun game of Pin the Goggles on the Minion at her little one’s birthday bash.


There’s no denying that serving cupcakes is easier and less stressful than offering a traditional cake to guests at a child’s birthday party. Because cupcake portions are undeniably equal, you can avoid the chaos that ensues when one guest thinks he’s been given a smaller slice than the others. Cupcakes are also easier for little ones to eat and save you from having to slice one cake into thirty pieces! Create these adorable Minion cupcakes by topping golden yellow cupcakes with blue icing and half of a Twinkie. If your little one is old enough to lend a hand in the kitchen, you could even let him or her help you with preparations by decorating the Twinkie “faces” with black and white icing pens before guests begin to arrive.


If you prefer to go the traditional route and serve a round cake, you can still decorate it Minion-style! Use colored fondants to create a yellow base and a friendly Minion face that your little one will love.


As the party winds down and the sugar buzz wears off, you may be looking for a more calm, relaxed activity to wrap up the party. Available as a free printable PDF from Halegrafx.com, this memory game is perfect for all ages.


A bean bag toss will always be a hit at a kids’ party, but this Minion-inspired board is much more fun than a traditional version of the party game. Better yet, you can also use the board as a creative photo prop by which kids can ham it up for the camera before leaving the celebration!


Not only are these DIY Minion balloons much cuter than the foil balloons that sell for several dollars a piece at grocery stores, they’re obviously much cheaper and undoubtedly more creative.


Minions are famous for “going bananas,” so integrate this healthy fruit into your party’s food options for a healthy option amidst cake, candy, and other junk foods. Simply wrap each banana with blue duct tape and draw a Minion face onto its peel to make the treat Despicable Me-themed.


Take a wood plank or a thick piece of cardboard and paint onto its surface a large Minion with some sort of target on his head, like the apple featured on this photo. Each kid can take a turn trying to shoot the target on his head, and those who successfully hit it can take home a prize!


Use icing pens to draw Minion faces onto yellow macaroons, which you could make yourself or simply pick up at your local grocery store. To make the eating experience even more fun for young guests, stick each macaroon onto a dessert stick!


It’s no secret that most kids love to get in touch with their crafty side. Set up an activity station at your party with yellow and blue acrylic paints, brushes, black permanent markers, “google eyes,” and paste for guests to use while transforming rocks into mini Minions. If you pick stones from nature instead of purchasing them at a craft store, make sure to wash them with water and mild soap before the party so they are ready for the kids to decorate!


If you or a family friend has a flair for creative design, set up a Despicable Me face-painting booth at your Minion party. Create a poster featuring sample design ideas from which the kids can choose. If your celebration is for girls only, you could also set up a manicure booth and paint Minions on partygoers’ fingertips.


Greet each guest at the door with a special Minion headband that he or she can wear throughout the party! Simply use heavy card stock to create each Minion and attach it to a plastic headband with heavy-duty tape.

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